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Our little family recently moved house, for the second time in 18 months. No we are not travelling gypsies…we have way too much stuff for that! 

It has meant that I have rather perfected the art of packing so I thought it would only be fair to share my tips with you.

1) Start culling one month prior to your move date. Be ruthless. For clothing, if they haven’t been worn in 18 months, you’re not going to wear them.

2. Vacuum bag clothes you know you won’t need for the next 6 months. Seasonal items, or baby clothes you’d like to keep but just don’t need right now.

3) Vow to pack at least a box a day. It seems less overwhelming that way.

4) Don’t even attempt to pack while the children are awake. You’ll just end up getting frustrated and they will end up getting bored and unpacking all that you are packing. It’ll end in tears.

5) Invest in some clear plastic containers for breakables. They are so much better and can be reused for storage after your move.

6) On moving day, enlist a relative or friend to help look after the kids so you can focus on the task at hand.

7) I find it best to set up the children’s bedrooms first. You want their rooms to look as normal and uncluttered as possible by the time they come home and are ready for bed.

8) Ask a friend to make beds. It’s such an annoying job and the last thing you’ll feel like doing at the end of a busy day.

9) Check, check and double check that your power has been switched on. Rookie error here, which resulted in a $150 emergency connection feed. Whoopsy!

10) Try and unpack as much as you can on the first few days, you will loose interest and energy past that and could end up living with half unpacked boxes for weeks.

What is your must-do tip for moving house with kids??

(this article was originally published at Bay FM and has been re-published here with full permission)

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