I’m living in denial and I quite like it here…

    A funny thing happened while we were away on our mini holiday, I saw myself for who I really am. No I didn’t have some out of body experience or soul searching moment, this was purely and simply superficial. That’s right, I’m talking about the way I look. I guess up until this point, in my head, I … Read More

We survived a parent’s biggest test…tanty on a plane


So we are back, and the holiday was amazing, but we touched down in Melbourne as three very different people. Things changed forever on the way home, we became the parents of a toddler who screamed for most of the flight back. Yes, we were those parents.  The nightmare began at the airport, where we were quickly ushered through security as Angus … Read More

Life is in fast forward and I’m about to hit pause

  Right now I feel like life is whizzing past me, as if it’s in fast forward, but I’m not, I’m normal speed. It’s frustrating and overwhelming. It means I never feel on top of anything, or even enjoy a moment for what it is. I also find, that when life hit this pace, my tolerance levels go right out … Read More

I’m loving discovering my funny little man

    my funny little guy 18 months is a very interesting time. In fact I’d go as far to say everything up until this point has been a breeze. OK that might be going too far, but it certainly was easier. It’s like overnight my baby woke up as a teenage boy. Honestly. I suddenly have this little, opinionated … Read More

Be brave and say something

    Angus in his helmet Sometimes when I’m sitting in the car at the traffic lights, day dreaming and listening to Yo Gabba Gabba or The Wiggles, I people watch. I do it when I’m walking down the street too, or at the supermarket. Often a woman will walk past me, dressed beautifully with her hair and make up … Read More

I’m letting myself go…one caramel crown at a time

When it comes to being pregnant, I’m definitely more Jessica Simpson, than Beyonce. In fact, I’m the expanding part of Jessica, minus the freshly blow dried hair and styled outfits. It’s not that I plan to let myself go, it just happens, one caramel crown at a time. My eating habits aren’t the only thing that goes out the window, … Read More

What about Gus?

    It doesn’t take much to make me cry these days….bloody hormones. I tear up watching ridiculous things on tv, like WAG nation, and no I’m not crying because of just how bad it is (or maybe I am)! But last night was a doozy! Mick and I started talking about planning for the new baby, and what would … Read More

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry


    I live by the motto if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, a lot, but especially when I’m pregnant. It might have something to do with the rapid weight gain, or the inability to fit into normal clothes anymore, the waddle, or the swollen feet. I can actually deal with most of those things on a day to day … Read More

As long as it’s healthy…is a good cliche to have

I’m half way there, and I can’t actually believe it! I am officially a little over 20 weeks into my pregnancy now, and the time is flying. Last week we had our scan and before hand, I have to admit I was a little nervous. I always get this anxious feeling before an appointment, almost like my body is holding … Read More

I’m back in leggings people…don’t judge

    my poor neglected “other” clothes That title is a tad misleading. I’m amongst friends so I know I can be honest. I never really got out of leggings. In fact, the last 2 years have been one long journey in leggings. I’ve even written about my love affair with them before (which you can read here if this doesn’t satisfy … Read More