Toddler beds…it’s time to bite the bullet!

So we are fast approaching the time for Gus to move into a big boy bed and I have to admit I am a little nervous. He’s a mover in his sleep, tossing, turning, and practically somersaulting around the cot, so I can only imagine what sort of disaster awaits us in the form of a bed!   But, it’s … Read More

VBAC…is that like an IPOD?

Abby Lumsdaine

   When I told my mother (who was a midwife in the 1960’s) that I was going to attempt a VBAC or ‘vaginal birth after caesarean section’ with my second child she said “Don’t be ridiculous, just go get her whipped out.” And she wasn’t the only person to react in this way. I had friends ask me “Why bother?” … Read More

It’s the final countdown…and I’m a gigantic miserable mess

    In the last few weeks I have completely ceased sleep past midnight, when insomnia takes hold of me, rendering me wide awake until the early hours of the morning (right about when I hear “dadada…bububub” coming from a certain toddler’s room). My hips are aching, my legs are cramping, I’m snoring like a fat, old man, in fact … Read More