Growth spurts, fact or fiction?

gus chair

It’s not your imagination if your bub sometimes seems like he’s grown out of his onesie overnight, that’s the power of growth spurts! I knew nothing of them when I had my first son and to be honest it came as quite a shock. One moment I thought we’d nailed breastfeeding, then the next Gus was crying and fussing on … Read More

Welcome to the Mum’s Group!

Erin ed

First of all I’d like to say welcome to The Mum’s Group! I’ve been busy working on building this site for the past 12 months and I am very, very excited to finally be launching my newest baby into the world. The concept came about after I realised that while I have the most amazing mother’s group, not every one … Read More

The terrible two’s?

Ok my son just turned two and like clockwork, so did the tantrums and mood swings! I’m not sure how I’m supposed to handle him, should I ignore the tantrums, or do something like a time out? If I try and talk him out of it, he just gets more frustrated!

Tips to beat morning sickness

ask a mum

Hey mums! I’m 12 weeks pregnant and still suffering horrible morning (all day) sickness. I’m reluctant to take any prescription medication but would love your tips on any herbal/natural remedies that have worked for you. My stomach thanks you in advance!

Colic=hell on earth!

Crying Eddie

My beautiful baby Edward was the most placid little boy on earth for his first 4 weeks of life, until we met Colic, and everything changed! Suddenly my champion feeder/sleeper/settler turned into a screaming, miserable little person and there was NOTHING I could do to help him. The crying would go on for hours (one episode lasted 5 hours!) and … Read More

15 things my husband should know by now!

funny dinner

1. You do not need permission or recognition to change a nappy. 2. You don’t get to hold the remote once the kids are in bed. I’ve watched Dora The Explorer 17 times today, my sanity is hinging on Masterchef. 3. You should be so freakin excited to be getting any dinner at all, so don’t complain if it’s full … Read More