Cupcakes, Pine Trees and the Art of Consequences


I sometimes wonder why my children only listen to me 50% of the time, or why it takes me asking 5 times, with an ever increasing pitch of annoyance and volume, to clean their teeth before they march begrudgingly into the bathroom with a withering look of “how can you expect this of us mother?” Or why my ‘evil eye’ … Read More

What it feels like to have Post Natal Depression

victoria brockett

Lenny was born on the 28th of January, 2011 after a planned and healthy pregnancy. He was a healthy 9lb 4oz arriving free of complications. The nurses at the hospital regularly expressed their disbelief that I was a first-time mother, but when I left the hospital I completely fell a part. The first night home we barely slept. Up and … Read More

Baby friendly jewellery…it does exist!

owl pendant

I learnt fairly early on into motherhood that jewellery and babies just don’t mix! Necklaces get pulled, or chewed on, same goes for bracelets. But I was converted when i stumbled across this super cool brand called Jellystone Jewellery. The items are non-toxic and BPA free, as well as being very durable…and the icing on the cake is they look … Read More

Desperate and Dieting

choc cake

Diet starts today! Will pledge to write down everything food/exercise related to reveal the truth behind my enormous behind. 6:30 Wake. Change nappies, feed baby, express milk for rice cereal, feed toddler porridge, clean porridge off of television.7:15 Breakfast of black coffee, two rye toast with small scrape of butter and a feathering of jam.7:16 Add milk to coffee, I … Read More

The REAL terrible twos!

gus tantrum

I remember a while back (probably a good six months ago) Gus had a tantrum and I thought, yep, right, we’ve entered the terrible twos. That was confirmed, when one tantrum turned into two, and then they were happening pretty frequently. But nothing could’ve prepared me for what we currently find ourselves in. This is unchartered territory, and we’re flying … Read More

Roast Lamb Dinner

roast lamb

SLOW ROASTED LEG OF LAMB This has to be the easiest roast recipe ever!   INGREDIENTS Grab yourself a two kilo leg of lamb, some rosemary, garlic and olive oil Pick an assortment of vegies that you like, I did potato and pumpkin.   METHOD Preheat fan-forced oven to 170 degrees Cover the base of a baking tray with olive … Read More

Wetting yourself is not cool!

The most exercise I've done lately-burp Eddie

 Every muscle in my body hurts, even to type these words, and I blame one person, my obstetrician! Around 6 weeks ago I had my post natel check up with my ob. It was all light hearted and giggles till she asked about my pelvic floors. The convo went something like this; Dr; “so how are your pelvic floors Erin? … Read More

Super sweet knits for baby


Is there anything sweeter than a handmade gift for a newborn baby? I think not! Not only are they personal, but they have been made with love especially for that special little person. BabyKnitsForEwe does just that…the creations are gorgeous…as is the creator…here’s a little bit about her! “Hi! My name is Amy and I’m the owner of BabyKnitsForEwe. I’m … Read More

Five tips to better sleep!

eddie sleeping

Whether you’re a new mum, or an old pro, sleep has to be the topic most discussed, and there’s a good reason why…usually we are in desperate need of more of it! I spent the first 6 weeks of both of my son’s lives in a thick fog of sleep deprivation. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t miraculously start sleeping … Read More

The next step for Gus

gus cheeky

For those of you who have been following Gus’ journey with torticollis, I thought it was about time for an update. For those who haven’t you can catch up here, here and here if you’d like to! Before Christmas we were handed the news that he will need to undergo surgery to correct the twisted muscle that has failed to … Read More