Friday Night Dinners

chicken and leek pie

Welcome to the first Friday Night Dinner recipe. The idea is to give you some inspiration (I know I need it) to whip something easy up for the family. This beautiful pie was given to me (by one of my mother’s group friends) when I had my second son Eddie, and was absolutely delish, even after being frozen and re-heated, … Read More

Being a mum of two sometimes feels like an impossible task

erin kids

“Gus if I have to ask you one more time not to draw on the walls, those pencils are going away!” I whisper through clenched teeth. We are at the chiropractor and Gus has already “tagged” her office walls with his scribble. He knows my threats are empty, he smiles and keeps frantically drawing as I dart around behind him. … Read More

How celebs do pregnancy

clare danes

When a celeb announces she’s up the duff my first thought is “I wonder what she’ll wear during her pregnancy?” I’m fascinated by how the a-listers dress protruding belly, because frankly I never seem to get it right while I’m pregnant! Three pregnancies I’m going to be keenly watching this year are Princess Kate, Nina Proudman on Offspring (ok I … Read More