Zucchini slice

This recipe is a staple in our household and is great for kids…little and big! Plus it’s so simple! One bowl needed. INGREDIENTS 2 zucchinis-grated half a block of smooth feta-diced 1 cup of grated cheese 5 eggs half a tub of sour cream half a cup of chopped bacon or ham METHOD Preheat and oven to 180 degrees and … Read More

I’m having an identity crisis


The other day I was packing the kids and groceries and prams into the car and I could here someone calling out someone’s name. It went on for a good minute before my husband shook my arm and said “um that person is trying to get your attention.” Yes it was my name they were calling, and I was oblivious. … Read More

The fourth trimester

sleeping eddie

  A doctor told a very good friend of mine that the first three months of a baby’s life is like a fourth trimester (I guess it wouldn’t be called a trimester then but whatev). He said that some major development is far from done but we wouldn’t be able to give birth to their giant heads if they stayed … Read More

My toddler refuses to eat dinner

mum and baby

Mums I need your help! My two year old flat out refuses to eat anything I cook for dinner. He will pick and play with it, but nothing makes his mouth. What do I do? Should I cave and give him a sandwich knowing he will eat it or do I stand firm?

It’s just a phase…or is it?

katie dimond

My GAWD life changes when you have a kid, doesn’t it? People with kids tell childless humans this all the time. How often have you heard someone say, “Now make sure you do all your travelling before you have a baby because you won’t be doing much when the kid arrives”? Or “I remember when we had the freedom to … Read More

Being Nana

being nana

How my life has changed by becoming a grandmother.     Every First…I mean every single milestone my children went through …first cry, first smile, first tooth, first taste of solid food, first steps, first words are brought back to me with my two grandsons achievements. I am so excited to tell people I am now a grandmother. Who would … Read More

Salmon Soba Noodle Salad

salmon soba

This yummy salad is the perfect dinner option for a summery Friday night…   INGREDIENTS 2 portion of Hakubaku Soba noodles 1 small lebanese cucumber  2 tablespoon of raw spanish onion 2 tablespoon of olive oil 4 tablespoons of coriander 8 cherry tomatoes halved  Salt and pepper to taste 2 small cans of smoked salmon (alternatively you can use 3-4 … Read More

Let’s talk about sex…

couple in bed

I don’t have sex much. Which sucks if you’re my husband Rob and sucks if you’re me too. And kind of sucks if you are Rob’s Mum or my Mum and you’re reading about your kids sex life on the interwebs. Yes Mum, I am talking about it. It’s OK, people can talk about these things out loud. Well I … Read More

What our children reveal about us

boy computer

I recently had a small mother moment. A moment that left me feeling slightly ashamed and wishing I had been better and bigger as a person. Let me clarify, this type of moment is more than just your usual everyday “damn I shouldn’t have shouted at the kids this morning ”, or “I’m the worst mother in the world because … Read More

Top tips for keeping a toddler sane

gus paint

Life with a toddler can be….how do I put this nicely…full on. They often have short attention spans, with activities ending in tantrums of frustration, well that’s how it is in our household! Being a mum of two, I sometimes struggle to find the time to come up with new and exciting ideas to keep Gus entertained, but here are … Read More