Chocolate Fudge…enough said!

choc fudge

This amazingly decadent but simple recipe comes from my great friend and mum of three Kerry Rodda, who recommends cutting it into small pieces “So the calories leak out prior to eating.” 500 g good dark chocolate 1 tin of condensed milk 60 g butter Put all of this in a saucepan and melt until it is runny and well … Read More

Putting myself down, doesn’t feel good


I’ve developed a nasty habit. It’s probably something only I am aware of, but I’ve come to the realisation that it’s got to stop. I am a serial self deprecator.  It’s a new thing, and as the words are spewing out of my mouth I instantly feel bad. It started as a defence mechanism, almost like I was trying to … Read More

I’m not ready to go back to work

phoebe owen

It’s been seven blissful months of maternity leave, but the reality of soon returning to work is starting to creep in. My leave hasn’t exactly been a vacation to Ibiza, granted there have been some similarities – I have been up all night and topless for most of it – but in the beginning it was a pretty hard slog. … Read More

Is time my friend or foe?

building blocks

Time is a funny thing. We think it’s continuous and certain. But motherhood has shown me otherwise. Some days seem endless from the moment I open my eyes, stretching ahead of me like some kind of monotonous landscape. Dirty dishes that magically appear as fast as they disappear, overflowing washing baskets, and whining children seem to just keep coming at … Read More

Meatloaf made easy


Who doesn’t like meatloaf (except vegetarians of course!)? This recipe is super easy and yummy too. INGREDIENTS 500g beef minceHalf an onion dicedTeaspoon of garlic mince One carrot gratedFive Saltine crackers crushedOne big splooge of BBQ sauce (2-3 tblspns?)And 1-2 eggs to bind. METHOD Mix it all together, flatten into a loaf pan and smother with more BBQ sauce on top. … Read More

My husband is an amazing father

mick kids

My husband is ace. Well, not all of the time, sometimes he can be a little irritating, and he really knows how to push my buttons, but on the whole I reckon I’m pretty lucky. You see, he’s one of those “hands on” types, and no I am not being dirty when I say that. I mean he’s man enough … Read More

Loving your body no matter its age

marilyn monroe

I speak of women’s bodies as someone who has inhabited one for quite a long time. I remember the shock of suddenly being aware of my body somehow being either right or wrong at about age 12 when my best friend told me how much she weighed and asked me to weigh myself and report back.Up until that point my … Read More

Post baby visitors…how to deal!


Do you feel special when you’re pregnant? Well, step aside, Lady, because a baby is here and people love babies. The dilemma that comes with having this little rock star in your home now is that billions of people will want to come visit it. Some will be helpful some will not. So here are a few handy tips I’ve … Read More

My world begins and ends at home

Me in the big wide world

There was a time pre-kids that my life consisted of everything and anything you could imagine. Working in a newsroom I was exposed to the weird and wonderful, the sexy and scary, the horrific and heroic…and that was just the staff that I worked with! No, but seriously, I was privy to every little bit of news that happened. It … Read More

More milk?

baby bottle

“Can you see if that bottle is warm enough?” I ask. “How do I do that?” he questions. “Put a few drops on your wrist.” “Gross!” My husband is a dairy addict. We go through litres of milk every week. He drinks it in his coffee, on cereal, mixed with Milo and frozen on a stick covered with chocolate. But … Read More