Kids chicken nuggets

chicken nuggets

These yummy chicken nuggets are sure to be a hit for the little ones…make them tonight! Recipe thanks to Abby Lumsdaine  INGREDIENTS Chicken breast cut into bite sized pieces Half a cup of mayonnaise One cup of multigrain breadcrumbs METHOD Put mayo and chicken in a bowl and using your fingers coat the chicken. Then put the bread crumbs on … Read More

How to pack a hospital bag…

swollen feet

So the first time around I packed my bag for the hospital, following the crappy list they gave me. BIG MISTAKE. I really had nothing that I actually needed. The second time around I learned from my mistakes…but I still forgot a few pretty important things, I’m obviously not a fast learner am I? Anyway enough of my waffling….here is … Read More

There were 5 in the bed…

bria's kids

Ahhh the family bed. Most of the time I love our chaotic, overcrowded, cuddle-filled bed. I love it when we all read together in our PJ’s and the kids sometimes fall asleep, a jumble of limbs surrounding us. I love feeling the warmth of our son’s little bodies, as they gradually sneak in throughout the night to join their baby … Read More

How to travel with kids

toddler bed

So in a couple of weeks my family is off to Bali for a little holiday. To say I’m stressed about the flight over and back is putting it nicely. I’ve been doing my research on how to make it as smooth as possible for the little ones, and thought I would share my finds with you… Is your toddler … Read More

Why I’m still a rookie parent…

gus tantrum

On Friday I went to Ikea. With two kids. On my own. As I type these words a wave of horror still sweeps over me. To say it was a nightmare would be an understatement (well, duh, I hear you mutter) I’d attempted a trip there in the morning and got all but to the car park before realising I … Read More

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep?

gus sleep

A new study has revealed some pretty shocking new stats. Babies who sleep in the same bed as their parents, are five times more likely to die from SIDS. The British Medical Journal research has also found that the risk was far higher for babies less than three months old even when neither parent smoked and the mother did not drink … Read More

Smoked Salmon Gnocchi

gnocchi salmon

This delicious recipe comes from the clever ladies at Decisive Cravings….yum! INGREDIENTS 1 pack of gnocchi Cooking oil 1 medium pack of smoked salmon 1 medium sized brown onion Truffle oil or powder- 1/2 teaspoon 1 small tub of cooking cream cracked pepper METHOD Put gnocchi in water to boil. Finely chop brown onion Add oil to hot frying pan … Read More

Living abroad with a bub

Zoe and Florence

The Mums Group sat down with the very talented Zoe Paul, creator of the fashion label Mister Zimi, about what it’s like to live abroad with a one year old…. You live in Bali, tell me a little bit about what you do there? My husband Jimi and I own and run our own fashion label, Mister Zimi. We started … Read More

Love hurts…a lot!


I got clocked in the head with a plastic dinosaur today. It was pretty vicious too. It scratched the hell out of me, and seemed to spring from nowhere with a giant “ROOOAAAR”. Behind it was a rather cheeky looking little boy, who flashed me a huge smile, so immediately all was forgiven. This happens a lot at the moment. … Read More

Sex…after baby

parents bed

To say my sex life has changed since having babies is like saying my car drives a little funny since I smashed it into a brick wall. When I met my husband I was 21, I was comfortable with my body and loved sex. We had sex anywhere, anytime, numerous times a night, we’d go away on mini-breaks just to … Read More