How to, with two…the shopping


I still remember the first time I attempted a solo trip to the supermarket. I literally had to psych myself into it, as the thought sent shivers down my spine. Needless to say I did everything wrong. 12 months on, I’ve since mastered the art of shopping with two kids…so here are my must-dos. Always park near a trolly bay. … Read More

Caught Catastrophising Again


Tick. Tick. Tick..Tick…Tick….Tick…..Tick……Tick…….Tick…………Tick………………..Tick. Time seemed to slow. At every little noise I craned my neck to see if it was him. I walked out to the backyard hoping to see him come in the gate. The sun was setting, darkness descended. He was always home before dark. My palms started to sweat. My heart was skipping beats in my chest. … Read More

Parent Vision

owen glasses

These days, with two toddlers, I survey the landscape before me with vision not unlike that of the Terminator. A quick pan across the room and my mum-vision detects all possible hazards, escape routes and unauthorised access to sugar consumption. For example, the general public see’s a bowl of fruit on the table. Simple enough. But the mother of two … Read More

I’m in moving hell

moving house

To say that I’m stressed would be an understatement. In less than a week we move house and yet again I am reminded about why it is considered one of the most stressful things you’ll encounter in your life. For every box I pack, Gus and Eddie unpack another. The house looks like it has be ransacked and taken over … Read More

The illogical toddler


If you’ve ever attempted to wrangle a toddler, this is for you. Even knowing one would probably be more than enough to appreciate the sentiment.  There’s something about toddlerhood that makes a Mumma burst with admiration, cringe with frustration, and scratch their head in bewilderment simultaneously. The impulsive inflexibility. The intense emotionality. The dependent independence. The fact that I’m quite the slow … Read More

Spring Racing for Pregnant Mares

seraphine dress

I’ve either been pregnant or breastfeeding through the last few Spring Racing Carnivals and I always felt like I was missing out. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve picked out some of the best maternity and breastfeeding dresses, perfect for a day trackside. SERAPHINE MATERNITY DRESS- $99.95 Everyone loves colour on Cup Day! This gorgeous … Read More

Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls

cheesy scrolls

Gus is really into cooking at the moment, and it tends to be the messier the better. I’m all for it, if I have the time to clean up afterwards, but if I don’t, these scrolls are the easiest and least messy of all the cooking you can do with a toddler! INGREDIENTS  One sheet of puff pastry Vegemite Grated … Read More

10 things to do…before baby number 2!

owen and phoebe

1. Go shopping! You think it’s hard now with one baby, shopping with two is like a military operation. You need to keep two lunatics calm with chocolate, chips, milkshakes whatever it takes. Keep them both contained in either double stroller, stroller Bjorn combo or the dreaded one in arms one holding your hand set up… Prepare yourself for the … Read More

Breastfeeding- my story

eddie bottle

It’s been a full week since I gave my last breastfeed. It’s a weird feeling. It’s weird because when you never really know when it will be your last, because if you did you’d cherish it a little more. Eddie has been fussy on the boob for at least the last month, and when I say fussy I mean, biting, … Read More

What Miley Cyrus has taught me about parenting


A couple of years ago, I was the coolest mother alive. When Miley Cyrus came to Sydney on her Gypsy Heart tour, not only did I let Maya go to the concert, I rocked out with her in the audience. I remember being nervous beforehand that some of the content might be a bit risqué for her then-eight year old … Read More