All I want for Christmas- Part one

boys toys

Wondering what to get the little men in your life? Well we’ve compiled our top 4 gifts for this Christmas for toddler boys. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the girls, that instalment is coming up too.   1. Tiger Tribe Parachuters $8.95 These little guys will add fun to even the dullest day. Can be used inside and out, and don’t take … Read More

I’m not cut out for co-sleeping


I’ve always romanticised co-sleeping, I think because I’ve never really done it. I’ve imagined a little warm body snuggling into mine, sleeping soundly. But the reality couldn’t be more different…for me anyway! My beautiful nearly 3 year old has been having a few night wake ups lately which is quite unusual for him. He’s our “good” sleeper. Because it’s a … Read More

The eBook


I am thrilled to reveal to you my very first E-BOOK, “What I wish I knew about Pregnancy” is now for sale!. I spent a lot of my first pregnancy and labour saying “why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” So I thought it would only be fair to pass all of the information I gained, onto you. What’s even … Read More

How do I begin the toilet training process

Hi, My nearly 3 year old is giving me plenty of signs that he is ready to be toilet trained. He takes his own nappy off all of the time, and is interested in sitting on the toilet and potty. So what do I do next? Do incentives work? Thanking you in advance!

Cheesy Pikelets

cheesy hotcakes

It’s not lost on me that a lot of the child-friendly recipes I post, have cheese in them! My kids love it, and it generally makes them eat what I’m cooking. Anyhoo….this recipe originally came from one of my Mums Group members and has been changed and adapted to suit the kids, and their current fussy eating. INGREDIENTS 2 eggs … Read More

The sleep transition to end all transitions..

gus sleeping

I’m shuddering as I type these words…for my nearly 3 year old has dropped his day sleep. It’s been hinted at for quite a while. We’ve had a few weeks of one day on one day off. We’ve had weeks of middle of the night wake ups (I’m guessing from over-sleeping during the day) and lots of day sleeps spent … Read More

An exciting announcement

what I wish I knew

I feel like I am about to give birth…for the last year I have been working on something very dear to my heart. It is my first e-book! I have collaborated with some amazing women to put this treasure together for you, and my hope is that it will become every pregnant woman’s best friend. You will laugh, and cry, … Read More

10 reasons why vacuuming is better than sex

vaccum cleaner

1. You don’t have to try and be quiet while vacuuming. 2. You can finish vacuuming even if you get distracted by the baby crying. 3. You don’t feel weird leaving your bra on when you vacuum. 4. Vacuuming rarely makes more vacuums. 5. Only one of you needs to be in the mood to vacuum. 6. The kids won’t … Read More