Xmas Vay-Cay part two!

abby kids 2

Log Day 2: 0500: We wake up early in the hopes of being on the road in half an hour to beat the heat of the day. 0641: Finally get the kids in the car. For the first time ever Owen says “Leave me sleep in my bed!” Phoebe in a good mood, she may have dehydration induced delirium. The … Read More

Xmas Vay-Cay

abby and kids

Log Day 1: 0800: We’ve been on the road for just over an hour. Caught in the peak hour traffic already, so that’s added an extra hour to our five our journey to Gundagai, which is the first leg of our family road-trip to the Hunter Valley in NSW. Just me, the dog, two kids, my husband, two suitcases, four … Read More

I need a time out!

me and the kids

You know those days, where every little thing ticks you off? The kids aren’t listening, the dogs not listening, nobody is listening to you! It’s these sorts of days that hit me like a tonne of bricks and make me realise I need a self imposed time out. It’s been a while since I’ve had one. In fact it’s been … Read More

Nappy rash remedies?

Hi, hoping you can help. My toddler gets awful nappy rash especially when he’s teething. What does everyone recommend when it comes to soothing it? Thanks in advance!

Fun festive activities

gus gingerbread

I’m the first to admit, I’m a little lazy when it comes to fully embracing the festive spirit. We currently have no tree, or decorations up, because frankly, they’d be pulled down within 30 seconds by little sticky hands. Baa humbug! What I do love doing with the kids during the silly season, is having some fun creating! Here are … Read More

Happy anniversary to my lovely husband


Four years ago today I walked down the aisle and said “I do” to the man of my dreams. It was a beautiful day filled with love and laughter, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We had been together for 9 years when we tied the knot, so wasted no time on getting a family of our own started. … Read More

Kinder chaos

gus sunshine

We attended Gus’ kinder orientation today and to say that it sent me into a state of shock, would be an understatement. I’m not exactly sure what I thought it would be like, but what I didn’t anticipate was a zoo of crazy 3 year old’s running wild. Kids were eating off the floor, another was taking a nap in … Read More

We made it through and so can you!

sam stone

This picture is the first ever taken of our little miss and me. We didn’t get off to the best of starts. Her labour was long, very long. I lost a lot of blood after she was born which hindered my milk supply leading to issues with feeding. She welcomed the world with screams and didn’t seem to stop for … Read More

To Gus on your third birthday


  To my dearest Gussy It’s hard to believe it was three years ago today that you burst into our lives two weeks early. You have become our life and to imagine it without you is impossible. It’s been a big year for you. You became a big brother, something you are settling into very well. I love hearing you … Read More

Parenting can be a lonely job

gus and eddie

Parenting can be a lonely vocation. There are some days I go without speaking to another adult, at all. Like I’m talking an entire 24 hours. Then there are some days I call my husband just so I can use my grown up voice. He’s usually extremely busy and far from impressed. There are times I laugh out loud at … Read More