Ovulation sex seriously sucks!


So I’m with child, up the duff, sprog bound, eating for two, got a bun in the oven. Or as most simply say… pregnant. After having a miscarriage mid last year this is a truly welcomed bub. When I pissed on the stick and the ‘pregnant’ sign sprung up 13 weeks ago I was wrapped. Naturally a little anxious but … Read More

What second trimester glow?


I’m 4 whole weeks into the second trimester, and glowing hardly describes my appearance. Greasy hair, bad skin, and all day nausea, yes that sounds more accurate. I haven’t really experienced this before. With Gus my first trimester morning sickness abruptly stopped at the 12 week mark, and was never more than a hungover feeling anyway. With Eddie, I threw … Read More

Because that’s what mums do


I didn’t know whether to be grateful or horrified. I was sitting at the kitchen table having coffee with my mum during a recent visit to her house, when she leaned over and peered at my face. Suddenly, she got up, went to the bathroom and returned brandishing a pair of tweezers. “What are you doing with those?” I asked. … Read More


gus and mum

I distinctly remember when we hit the terrible two’s. It was like a wave of tantrums, actually make that a tsunami of tantrums, belting us down anywhere and everywhere. It was exhausting, but I knew we would get through it, because like every phase, it passes. What I didn’t anticipate was that three could be worse. Threenagers is what these … Read More

All the small things

renee wilson

‘Mummy, you are my best mummy. I really like you and love you all day long.’ When I hear my three-year-old’s declaration of love, I drop what I’m doing, race over to her with a ridiculously love drunk look on my face, and envelop her in my arms. As I feel her tiny arms tighten around me, the last few … Read More

3 fun ways to announce your baby news!

bump ahead

You’re in the warm glow of new pregnancy and you want to scream your news from the rooftops. Why wouldn’t you and why shouldn’t you? It’s something to be proud and extremely happy about. But sometimes screaming doesn’t go down too well, so here are 5 alternatives for breaking your baby news… 1. If it’s your first baby you can … Read More

We’re going back for more!

us pregnant

It’s still amazing to me every time I see two lines on a pregnancy test. It’s a moment where time stands still and your future flashes before you. It happened to me around 9 weeks ago. I’d been feeling overwhelmingly tired, which is a tell tale sign for me, so thought I’d take a test. It only took seconds for … Read More

Is breast always best?


When you buy a pack of cigarettes, you are confronted with a picture of black lungs or some other graphic depiction of the extreme side effects of smoking, and a reminder in BIG LETTERS that smoking isn’t all that great for your body. In the same manner, the words, ‘breast milk is best for babies’, appears on all tins of … Read More

Flying solo

mother son

The cold air breezes in through the window. The keys on the keyboard tap, tap, tap as I type this post. In the distance I can hear the traffic on the main road. Every now and then a bird calls out. A small child screams out to another in the street while playing. The tears fall slowly from my eyes, … Read More

eBook give away!

what I wish I knew

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about all of the ‘fun’ things that happen while you are pregnant. Nausea, tiredness, insomnia…the list goes on and on doesn’t it?! Well the good thing is my very first eBook “What I Wish I Knew About Pregnancy” covers it ALL! And now you have a chance to score yourself a … Read More