The Wall

the wall

Over the past six months, I had come to believe that I have super powers. I have two small children, work full time, run a household, I make-time for charitable contributions, fulfill family obligations, look after a workaholic husband, put in efforts to further my career, and sacrifice my average of four hours sleep to the dream of one day … Read More

My 24 hours alone

my alone time

A very strange thing happened over the weekend. I spent a lot of time, on my own. My husband decided to take the kids back to visit his parents who live 5 hours away, and leave me solo. At first the prospect filled me with excitement. How much could I cram into 24 hours? What would I do with all … Read More

I’m a social screw-up


You’d think – being a journalist and working in the communication industry – I’d have some idea how to talk to people. But this week I made an embarrassing discovery.  I have lost the ability to socialise. I became aware of this when I tried to hold a conversation with someone at a party and came off looking like a … Read More

The pregnancy symptoms no one talks about


Being newly pregnant is a wild and exciting ride. It can thrill you one minute and terrify you the next, even if it’s not the first time you’re up the duff, each pregnancy can be different! It’s often hard to know where to turn and to know what is normal and what isn’t? So here are some of the symptoms, … Read More

What I’ve learned about raising boys

funny boys

In my 3+ years as a parent to two beautiful boys, I feel I have already learned so much, not only about them, but about the male species in general. Here is what I know; They need to run and climb and burn off energy each and every day to make life bearable. Sitting still for longer than 5 minutes … Read More

My most recent “aha” moment

the boys swinging

I’m hungry for information. I don’t know if it’s my background in journalism, or just part of my personality. But give me a problem and I will do my best to research every possible solution. It’s particularly the case when it comes to my kids. I read books, I read blogs and parenting sites, all in the hope of finding … Read More

Peanut butter slice


I spotted this recipe while watching Lorraine Pascale’s show, and my husband begged me to make it, so I did! Ingredients – 150g butter – 200g dark chocolate (at least 60% cocoa solids) or milk chocolate (or a mixture of both) – 250g digestive biscuits – 100g soft light brown sugar – 300g crunchy peanut butter – 1 tsp vanilla … Read More

Wine while breast feeding?

Wine while breastfeeding. How do we feel about it? I have been having one (sometimes 2) glasses of wine per night for the last couple of weeks. My baby is 13 weeks old and I cannot see that it has any effect on the baby or on my milk supply and let down reflex. Interested to hear from others?

Goodbye to the fourth trimester

mumma tells

This article was written by the beautiful Rebecca at and has been republished here with full permission. Bidding farewell to the fourth trimester is somewhat bittersweet. I’m one of those women who mourn the loss of their bountiful bump, so I empathise with you, my Tiny newcomer, and the enormous transition you have had face. You yearn for the … Read More

I’m a mum….just like you.

katie and kids

I’m a mum, a wife, a sister, blah blah… I am woman “roar”, you know the rest. Actually you probably don’t know the rest, because I may be none of those things to you. But this is me looking wacky at bathtime with my two little darling girls, who I’m optimistic will grow into happy, confident and kind women.   This … Read More