Fetal movement….how to keep track of the kicks


The moment you feel your baby kick for the first time is really hard to put into words. It can be amazing, scary, exciting, all of the above. It also sets in motion an element of worry. Suddenly you are acutely aware of the teeny human growing inside you and it’s vulnerability. As your pregnancy progresses, you will feel more … Read More

The perfect breastfeeding dress

bfeeding dress

With just weeks until I give birth to my third child, I’ve started hunting for the perfect breastfeeding clothes I can find. Let’s face it, you just don’t feel overly glamorous in those first few weeks (or months) post birth, and so having a new and easy go-to outfit can really help. And I think I may’ve found it! This … Read More

My 3 year old is a total narcissist

gus at three

Age 3 ain’t fun, in fact I’ve written about it before but I felt there was more to explain. I have come to believe that all three year olds are narcissists and I mean that in the nicest possible way (ok, I don’t but I don’t want you to think I’m an evil bitch who hates my child)! Here is why… … Read More

I hit a wall last week

eddie 32 wks

I didn’t blog last week, for like the first time in a long time, because frankly I had nothing left to give. I hit a wall. BIG TIME.  I’d seen my OB on the Monday and in some desperate attempt to explain my extreme tiredness I’d pleaded with her to retest my iron levels. She said there was no need. … Read More

Push present?


When it came to my first baby I did it all. Baby-shower, Baby-moon, I even drank Baby-chinos for the duration. But it wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I heard of the ‘push present.’ Swanning through the supermarket, pregnant belly parting the sea of shoppers before me I ran into an old school friend who hadn’t yet known I was … Read More

When your worst fears come true

pregnant belly

On Tuesday 5th February, 2013, our lives changed in a way we never saw coming… Dave and I were pregnant with our first child. We were both so excited. After being married for more than 3 years, we had decided that we were ready to start our own family. It didn’t take long either (something I had always feared), and after one month … Read More

5 things a new mum REALLY needs


As a new mum, you are going to be flooded with gorgeous gifts. Perfect little onesies…bibs, bibs and more bibs…gadgets you’ve never seen or will ever use (hello electric nappy bin, I’m looking at you). But I’m here to tell you, there are 5 things you really need to put on your wish list…and here they are 1. An electric … Read More

Chocolate Brownies


As promised…here is a very delicious recipe for chocolate brownies, I tweaked to include my leftover Easter egg stash! INGREDIENTS 175 grams of dark or milk chocolate 150 grams of butter or coconut oil 2 eggs 100 grams of brown sugar 120 grams of plain flour 20 grams cocoa METHOD Preheat an oven to 160 degrees Melt 150 grams of … Read More

Was this mother too overprotective?

A mum and her daughter met up with a friend for a picnic lunch at a park. The mum had packed a peanut butter sandwich for her daughter. At the park another mum was chatting to the daughter about what she was having for lunch so the girl showed her the sandwich. The mother then copped a serve about how … Read More

A chance encounter


Motherhood can often be a lonely kind of job. Some days can go past where you don’t utter a single word to another adult. I’m not joking. Those days are hard. Sometimes I’ll glance up from pushing the kids on the swing and smile at another mother, only to have her look in the other direction. I’m sure she’s not … Read More