How does labour REALLY start?


That six letter word you’ve been dreading is here, or maybe its exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Maybe your waters have broken like they did in my first labour. I rolled over in bed at around 5am and voila, I’d wet myself. Or you could be more like my second birth, slow and steady contractions that increased throughout the entire night. What … Read More

Why I won’t find out the sex of my baby

me and kids

  I’m pretty adaptable and change is usually my friend. Most of the time. In fact I get kind of restless if things stay the same for too long. It can be a good thing and a bad thing. When it comes to babies though, I like to think that it falls into the former. You see, I’m one of … Read More

Why I chose to find out the sex of my baby

katie and the girls

Before I had children, my birthdays used to make me sick with anxiety, and it wasn’t due to the impending addition of a digit to my age (to prove this, I have recently been subconsciously rounding up my age to 35, and I’m 33, and I have no idea why)…it was because of presents.    “What?!!!You don’t like presents??!”… I … Read More

When things don’t go the way you planned

soph pitts

I’ve always prided myself on being able to achieve any goal I set my mind to. So when I fell pregnant with my first child I decided their delivery would be a calm, drug-free water birth, preferably commenced spontaneously maybe a week or so before my due date with minimal to no damage to my lady bits. My baby would … Read More

Cherishing those little moments

me and eddie

Those who know me, know I’m not a huge fan of being pregnant. Crazy right, given I’m currently carrying my third child. You’d think I’d love it! But no. For me, it’s a means to an end, and the end is pretty spectacular, let’s face it! But given this will no doubt be my last pregnancy, I have been trying … Read More

Why sleep never stops being an issue

eddie couch

I’ve been reminded recently that sleep never ceases to be an issue, when young children are concerned. Our 3.5 year old Gus has only started to sleep through the night again after a rocky few months, and now our 20 month old Eddie is giving us a run for our money. I’ll be honest, Eddie has never been an amazing … Read More

To the woman who told my son to go away

eddie gallop

To the woman in red, We were sitting on a table behind you. You probably didn’t even know we were there. It was a Sunday night and there was a group of us, 6 adults and 4 children, all who were very well behaved. It wasn’t a fine dining restaurant. It was a pizza place, with a kid’s menu. You … Read More

How to move two kids into one room?

Help! I’m about to have my third child and we live in a three bedroom house which means our two eldest children need to move into the one room. Does anyone have any tips for making it a smooth transition? I’ll have one in a cot and the other in a bed. Thanking you in advance! X

There’s a lot in a name…


As the birth of my second off spring is speeding towards me at lightning pace, I am confronted with the fact that not one single name is floating our boat. It took my parents a whole week to name me. Seven days I laid like a nameless blob referred to as ‘no name baby’ until they creatively came up with … Read More

I’m (currently) not a fun-mum

fun mum

The other day, as I was screaming at my two very boisterous boys for the 500th time, it hit me like a tonne of bricks….I’ve officially lost my fun-mum mojo. It’s gone, and I don’t know when it will be coming back. 90% of my day is spent breaking up fights…and the other 10% is spent changing nappies, encouraging poos … Read More