The things I’d forgotten about newborns!

It’s been a week of life with a newborn and it’s amazed me just how much I’d forgotten! Here is my list… Everything hurts. Your boobs ache, your nipples are raw, if you’ve had a vaginal birth you could be dealing with stitches or bruising or both. The same goes for a c section! You could be bloated, swollen and … Read More

Lactation Cookies

lactation cookies

One of my favourite things to do when there’s a new babe in town is a doorstop drop off. Literally leave a package at the front door and message the bleary eyed, in-the-thick-of-it folk after I’ve left. It usually consists of a little something to welcome the tiny newcomer, a gift for a big sibling, and always – always – a batch … Read More

How to induce labour…or at least have fun trying!


So in my usual impatient fashion, at 39 weeks pregnant my mind was made up, “get this baby out!” Of course, as we all know, it’s not as easy as just saying that out loud (although some would disagree) so I set about researching all of the traditional methods and also the myths in a bid to prove them wrong … Read More

Lazy caramel slice

caramel slice

I’m a big baking fan, especially when it is virtually impossible to stuff it up! This recipe is just exactly that and while it is designed to be made with a Thermomix, a food processor will do the job as well. INGREDIENTS 60 grams of desiccated coconut 90 grams self raising flour 50 grams brown sugar 70 grams butter I … Read More

How and why I write….

keyboard typing

  I was recently asked by a writer I really admire, the lovely Sophie from The Mother Load, to take part in a Blog Hop. I was totally chuffed! It’s not often I get a chance to think about my writing process, or why I actually write, so this was the perfect opportunity!   So here I go…   What … Read More

10 of the most ridiculous complaints my children make

mum listening

1. ‘Mummy I have a wedgie!’ Reply: ‘But you’re not wearing any pants!’   2. ‘I never get to have a birthday cake!’ Reply: ‘You’re birthday is once a year, not once a week!’   3. ‘Phoebe (sister) breathed on me!’ Reply: ‘Breath right back, that’ll learn ‘er.’   4. ‘Lenny (dog) touched me with his nose!’ Reply: ‘Be grateful … Read More

My baby is about to become a big boy

eddie baby

There’s a fear that comes with being pregnant with your second or third child, that just doesn’t happen with your first. The fear is for the children you already have. I distinctly remember having it when I was pregnant with Eddie. I was terrified that life as Gus knew it was about to change forever. That suddenly he would be … Read More

An open letter to myself…don’t get clucky!


Dear Erin I’m writing you (me) this letter because let’s face it, your memory is not that great. I can pre-empt exactly the way you’re going to feel in 13 months time…clucky. I know, because we’ve been there before.  Your beautiful bundle will have turned one, and turned a massive corner. You’ll have more freedom. You’ll have your body back … Read More