To Eddie on your second birthday

happy birthday eddie

To my dearest Eddie, I can’t believe you are already two. And neither can you…you still want to be called a baby, and I can understand why. In the last year you have gone from being my littlest boy, to my middle child. It’s a big leap, but you have handled it so well, just like I knew you would. … Read More

Coconut date balls

date balls

I stumbled across a recipe for this little bliss balls recently when looking for healthy snack alternatives for the kids, and myself. They were so delish I had to share! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do… INGREDIENTS 2 cups of nuts of your choice (I use a mix of cashews and almonds) 1 1/2 cup of shredded … Read More

Being a good mum makes me a crappy friend

me and abby

I forgot my best friend’s birthday. I know, it’s pathetic. In my defence I had called her a month before and wished her a happy birthday, but who am I kidding, that’s really no defence at all. You see, the truth is, I’ve totally dropped the ball when it comes to my friends. I have a pretty damn good excuse, … Read More

Are we ready for a big boy bed?

eddie sleeping

*this is a sponsored post Things happen differently for a second born. Eddie’s first word came early and he hasn’t stopped chatting since. He’s already showing signs he’s ready to toilet train (arghhhh) and I’m quietly confident he’s an advanced child with the terrible two tantrums setting in extra early! Let’s face it…he wants to be like his big brother … Read More

I have newborn amnesia


Rose coloured glasses…It appears that I’ve had them on. I’ve come to realise that in the hormone fuelled final weeks of pregnancy I’d totally romanticised those first 12 weeks of life with a bub. Here are the assumptions I had made… Sleep oh newborns sleep all day long, for hours on end. I’ll get time to rest while they do. … Read More

Is my 2 year old ready for toilet training?

My toddler has recently started taking his nappy off all of the time! It’s resulting in a lot of mess and frustration on my end! Does this mean he’s ready for toilet training or is it just an attention seeking measure? X

My mummy uniform

mummy wardrobe

It’s fair to say I’m living in the same clothes day in and day out at the moment. With three children to get dressed and out the door in the morning, I’m all about ease. It’s leggings and an oversized tee or boyfriend jeans and a cute top. You can team both with sneakers or flats, and both options are … Read More

Holding onto the little moments


The days fly by but the minutes can stand still. No truer words have been spoken about motherhood. Some minutes feel like an eternity. You know the ones…A tantrum over nothing. A fight between siblings. The never ending dinner battle. But it’s the days that are vanishing before me. Billy is already 8 weeks old. It feels like he was … Read More

My toddler has started night waking

My 23 month old has started night waking again. We recently welcomed our third child but I don’t think it’s the new baby that’s waking him. Any tips on how to put a stop to this? I’m already exhausted enough getting up for my 8 week old! TIA x

The cot, the comedian and the crazy mother


I can still hear the thud. The sound of my 19-month-old Smiley’s body hitting the floor after falling, head first I expect, out of her cot. My heart still races when I retell the story. I knew instantly what had happened when I heard that thud – the inevitable, I guess, when you have a cot that can’t be lowered … Read More