The big move

gus and eddie

Nearly two weeks ago our little BIG family moved house. It was our third move in three years. No we don’t have ADD and we’re not gypsies. Every move has been for a reason, a sold house, a bigger house, a better house, but this time the reason was space. Not just any kind of space, but outdoor space. Those … Read More

Our little one who wasn’t…but was


For seven fleeting weeks I dreamt of you, I loved you. I told your big brothers about you. I took photos (selfies even) of me holding my positive pregnancy test (all six of them), proud, excited, so so so happy. That first wonderful night I saw those double lines, I took my positive pregnancy test to bed with us and … Read More

Fun kids rooms!

kids room decor

We recently moved house and I have had endless fun decorating my big boy’s room. It’s a mixture of pops of colour and some black and white. I wanted to share my favourite finds with you…so here they are!   Clockwise from the top… Ikea rug ($59), Scrabble cushions ($30), Toucan print ($15), Felt ball garland ($19), Shadow box ($69), … Read More

To dream feed or not to dream feed?

Would love peoples thoughts on dream feeding. It worked for my first child but not my second and now I’m contemplating it with my third who is 3 months old and waking roughly once a night for a feed. Did it work for you? Xx

Feeling good about me

bohemian traders

I’m 12 weeks post partum and 10 kilos overweight. I’m ok with it. Well as ok as you can be when nothing you own fits quite right. I know the extra weight will shift eventually and I try not to put too much pressure on myself in the meantime. After all the around the clock feeding/burping/changing routine of a newborn … Read More

Accepting my post baby body

monty and arlo

I had my second baby eight weeks ago. A beautiful, healthy, delicious little boy called Arlo.   My days and nights are currently being consumed by filling up my bebe’s constantly ravenous tummy, sculling multiple cups of coffee to keep my lids open and ensuring my nearly 3 year old is still feeling the love.   My world is very … Read More

A real pain in the boob


I am currently sitting outside topless…. It’s not what you think….unless your thoughts have turned directly to nipple thrush, and in the case you are a mind reading genius! You see I’ve been battling this bitch for weeks now. It all started after my two delightful bouts of mastitis which resulted in back to back heavy duty courses of antibiotics. … Read More