The Danger of Should…

mum and babe

At a recent check up with my local MCHC, my 12 month old son and I were given the ever popular ‘should’ test. “Is he talking yet? He SHOULD be saying 2-5 words by now” “Is he eating the family meals with you? He SHOULD be able to eat the same foods as you by now” “He SHOULD be responding … Read More

Just call me poo-head

gus eddie me

Toilet humour….it’s rife in our house at the moment, and by all predictions, it’s likely to continue. Such is life with three boys. I never pictured a world like this. When I imagined parenthood, I thought about long afternoons crafting, or frolicking in the grass (yeah delusional) but the reality is more than a little different. My days are spent … Read More

How do I help my toddler to sleep in?

My 2.5 year old boy has been waking anywhere between 5.15-5.40am and he is buzzing ready to start the day. It seems his brain wont let him sleep longer and we wake to ‘Mummy, Daddy I awake’ very loudly every morning. We close the door but he never goes back to sleep. His language is developing very fast and when … Read More

Making a good fist of motherhood

sarahs fist

I have always believed you can pick an anxious person just by looking at their hands. I can say with total honesty that I have never met a person with fingernails more hideous than mine. My lifelong habit of biting has left me with split, ragged nails torn back to the quicks. When anxiety hits, I go into a trance-like … Read More

When life gets in the way

baby billy

It’s been two weeks since I blogged. Two whole weeks since I pulled out the laptop and let the words drip out through my fingertips. Life has just been getting in the way. There was the week where I solo parented three sick children. That week really sucked. Then there was the week where I was getting no more than … Read More