Taking care of me

me exercise

In less than a week I’m embarking on a whole new challenge….I’m about to tackle, head on, my post baby weight. It’s been six months since I gave birth to Billy and I’m carrying about 7 kilos more than I should be (ok let’s call it 8 if we are being honest). Eight weeks after giving birth I jumped straight … Read More

Meal planning

meal planning

I recently stumbled across a blog post about meal planning and exactly why I should be doing it. We’ve always roughly had an idea about what we would be having for dinners each week, but I have never been very organised when it comes to actually putting those ideas into some sort of plan. We inevitably end up wasting a … Read More

Breast pain- what worked for me

breast feeding

  I’ve been too nervous to put these words down, in case I jinx myself, but it has been two whole months of pain free breastfeeding (huzzahhh)!! For those not familiar with my story, my first four months of breast feeding baby Billy, were tainted with extreme pain. I suffered from two bouts of mastitis and then months of a … Read More

My fave online shopping sites


I’m a serial online shopper. I’m going to stop short of saying I’m addicted, but let’s just say the postie bought my kids and Xmas pressie because I literally kept him employed by Australia post last year. I buy a lot of my clothes online because the thought of cramming myself, a double pram, a baby in the bjorn and … Read More

Un-swaddling trials and tribulations

billy un swaddle

A couple of weeks ago, on a severe lack of sleep and a whim, I decided that it would be a good idea to attempt the great un-swaddle of 2014. Baby Billy had begun rolling and was spending a lot of his sleeping time, face down, screaming into the mattress (don’t worry I was promptly spinning him back), in his … Read More

The bedtime battle


Bed time has become a battle ground, and I am losing. Each night my husband and I gear up for the fight. Armed with bribery and punishment, we brace ourselves for an onslaught. And despite this, we still lose. “I’m still huuuuungeeeeeee” My two year old will cry. “I’m thirstyyyyyyyy” says my four year old. “I want milk, not waaaaaaterrrrrrr” … Read More