Looking after me…update 1


I’m a month into my twelve week body transformation…one whole month. I am not going to lie, I’ve pretty much felt every moment of that last month. There’s the whole diet thing although Michelle doesn’t call it a diet, it’s your eating plan. Well it doesn’t involve any of the things I had been using to fuel/cope through my day. … Read More

Why I love breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is the BOMB for me! I know it’s not for everyone, but I really, really love it. Maybe it’s the fact it didn’t come easy to me at all. In fact, breastfeeding each of my children has had it’s challenges. Gus was jaundice and too tired to latch. Eddie was a ferocious feeder who tore my nipples to shreds. … Read More

Darling Rascals

darling rascals

Today we introduce our first mummy who has started her own business. We will be featuring these fab mums once a month, so if you know someone who fits the bill, or you are one yourself…shoot me an email at info@themumsgroup.com.au Anna, thanks so much for chatting with The Mums Group, first of all, let’s hear about you… I’m a … Read More

Unwanted advice…and how much I hate it

unwanted advice

I’m going to make a pretty big statement here…never, ever, in my life, have I ever felt the urge to confront someone about how they parent their child. Sympathy, empathy, relief (that it’s not my child that’s having the tanty this time), humour, are all things I could be feeling while I look at a mother struggling with her threenager. … Read More

Hello Harry!


At little over a week ago we welcomed a new member into our family. Another little boy, by the name of Harry. No I didn’t secretly carry another human for the last 9 months, we got a new puppy. For those of you who are regular readers, you’ll remember that a week before Angus turned four, we lost our beloved … Read More

Lunchbox snacks

brekkie bars

My big boy starts four year old kinder this week…I still can’t quite believe where the time has gone? He’s a big snacker, my Gussy, so I like to pop lots of little goodies into his lunchbox to keep him going through his class, and these two muesli bars are his favourites. So easy to make and so delicious…. 1. … Read More

Why I’m blessed to have three boys

the boys

On any given week I lose count of the amount of times I am pitied for having three boys. “Oh your house must be noisy” “Gee, you’ve got your hands full” “Ohhhh, will you try again for a girl?” “Outnumbered….hey?” Or the simple sad eyed, frowned face that reads YOU POOR SOUL, I’D RATHER BE ANYONE BUT YOU. Strangers stop … Read More