Looking after me…update 2

me and cake

Ok so I’m going to tell you straight off the bat (the photo is kind of a dead giveaway) I have cheated a little this month. The gloss and enthusiasm of the first four weeks of a new eating and exercise plan had worn off and I felt like rebelling. Who was Michelle Bridges to tell me what to eat? … Read More

Why I suck at craft


In my head I’m a cross between Noni from Play School and Lorelai Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls. De.lu.sion.al Yep. The reality is so far from that it’s not funny. Each day I start groggy from a severe lack of sleep thanks to either the toddler who has taken to getting out of his bed and creeping the halls at … Read More

How to get your toddler talking

toddler talking

  It seems that in the blink of an eye your baby will progress from a gurgling, babbling bundle… to a vehement pointer, communicating their needs with single (loud) word demands for “more” or “juice”… to a UN level negotiator, using full (if irrational) sentences such as “I can’t put my shoes on Mummy because my hair hurts”.  During this … Read More

Life as a working mum of two

renee wilson

A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my one year anniversary of returning to work after having my second child. One full year of working three days a week, being a mum and wife, growing my blog, and maintaining my sanity. I made it! This past year has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me as I struggled … Read More

Beautiful baby bibs

etsy scarf

Babies have bibs for such a long time it seems…from the start of teething right through solids, and beyond. So why not invest in some cute options…that will add to an outfit?! 1) Etsy dribble scarf…have you EVER seen anything cuter? I think not! Love the little moustache print too! $14 2. Bubbleslane dribble bibs! So many funky prints…at such … Read More

Hidden veggie rolls

vegie rolls

I don’t know about you, but I have a HARD time getting vegies into my kids! My oldest only likes cucumber and my youngest is a potato fan, but apart from that I have zero success. The other day I was flicking through an old cookbook that I bought when Gus was a baby and stumbled across this recipe…turns out … Read More

Let’s talk pelvic floors

pelvic floor

The other day I paid my local women’s physio a little visit. You see, after three babies in 3.5 years, and my last being a little under 9 pounds, my old trusty pelvic floor has taken quite the battering. It’s not in bad knick, I don’t want to sell it short, but after recently taking up running again after years, … Read More

Shiatsu…and how it can help you!


I was lucky enough to meet Marian Jarvis through a mutual friend. I knew nothing about Shiatsu before Marian came to my house to give me a treatment, and afterwards, well I was a convert!   So, here’s what you need to know….   Firstly, Marian, tell us about about you… Natural therapies have always been a part of my … Read More

Dear first time mum…

erin and eddie

Dear first time mum,                           I see you, bleary eyed and sleep deprived in the shopping aisle, agonising over whether to buy the organic baby food or the regular brand. I see you in the cafe trying to breast feed your babe without flashing your entire body, your … Read More