Looking after me…part 3


So…….drum roll please…… I made it!! The 12 week body transformation is over! Yeeeehaaaaa! Who would’ve known that 12 weeks was such a long time…especially when you’re doing the right thing with food and exercise. All. The. Time! Having said that though I am absolutely so very thrilled with just how far I have come. And kinda proud of myself … Read More

Flossbell Designs- Mums Who Business


Yay, it’s time to feature another fabulous mumma who has started her own business. Today It’s Kim Russell from Flossbell Designs, and I just know you’re going to love her stuff… Welcome to The Mums Group Kim, tell our readers a little bit about yourself. I’m a married mother with four (busy) children – Remi (18), Clay (14), Judd (4) … Read More

How I (don’t) do it all…

clean house

With three children, aged 4 and under, I get asked this question a lot… “How do you do it?” Do what? I usually ask in return, already knowing the answer. “Everything?!!!” The truth is, and I’m happy to tell anyone who asks the question, I don’t do it all, and on the days I do, I don’t do everything well. … Read More

The Fourth Year rewards

gus age 4

The other day I had a parenting moment that was so rare I had to pinch myself. My two year old was screaming about something totally ridiculous, as two year olds do, and my four year old went over and fixed the problem. I have no idea what he said or even did, but it worked. It was amazing and … Read More

Capturing special moments

plummer creative vue

I was never that into photography until I became a mum, then suddenly every single outing became an opportunity to seize the perfect shot. It’s hard work though, and something that I am always looking to improve on.   So, The Mums Group caught up with the very lovely Hayley Farrugia from Creative Vue Photography for some inside info on … Read More