On being grateful

On being grateful

Here’s the thing…I’m grateful. I’m grateful to be a mum. I’m grateful to have three healthy and happy children. I’m grateful every single day of every single week of every single year. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to complain about things. When I was a journalist and had a rough day, I never felt like I had … Read More

Feeling overwhelmed by the mundane

Too much washing...I give up!

The other day I jumped online and ordered myself some ‘serenity’ essential oil. It was a total impulse purchase after another day of chaos. While there are definitely days I live by the motto “embrace the chaos” there are others that I just can’t do it. In comes what I’m hoping will be my own personal superhero… ‘serenity oil’! It … Read More

Roast potato and chicken salad!


Friday nights should be easy, right? Well it doesn’t get much easier than this! This chicken salad recipe has been given a delicious update and couldn’t be any yummier if I tried. It can be adapted to your tastes, and what you have available in the fridge of course! Plus you can prepare some of the components earlier, so it’s … Read More

Imperfect mothering


I make absolutely no claims I’m a perfect mother. In fact, ask anyone I’ve ever met, and they’ll tell you, I’m brutally honest about my downfalls. Still, I know, that because of the beauty of social media, a lot of you might think I have my shit together, more than I actually do. So I’m here to set the record … Read More

SCRUMPTIOUS Apple and Berry cake!

Delicious apple and berry cake

I love an easy cake recipe. You know the ones where you just chuck everything into one bowl, mix and pour and you’re done? Yep this is it. This is a Donna Hay recipe and an absolute winner. I have changed it a few times depending on the fruit I have in the house, and it always works. Any stone … Read More

What LOVE means to me


It’s LOVE week. Or to be more precise…it’s nearly Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been a huge believer in celebrating it in the corny and commercial way. It’s just not our thing. But I do think it’s as good a day as any to remind the people you love, just how you feel about them. Because let’s face it, days like … Read More

Homemade Chicken Kiev


Chicken kievs are very popular in our house. In the past we have resorted to the frozen kind (shock, horror) but honestly after making these we will never buy frozen again!! These are easy and so yummy! And are perfect for the family. You could even make the kids smaller bite sized garlic chicken balls to make them even more … Read More

I’m turning my toddler into a monster!


Billy is my third child. My third beautiful, boisterous son. He’s also a total maniac who is completely fearless and has aged me about fifteen years in the last 18 months. He’s a devil in disguise. And I am under no illusions, I have caused it. Here’s why; 1. He’s my baby. The baby of the family. Most likely my … Read More