Holiday dreaming….

Crazy, crazy kids

Well, we are back from our week away in Hamilton Island and I know its a cliche to say but I feel like we need another one already! Greedy much? Yes, yes I am. You see, and anyone with kids will stand by me (fingers crossed) holidays with children aren’t exactly relaxing are they? They are so many other things. … Read More

Pining for PINAFORES!


At the risk of sounding like a crazy person…I’m obsessed with a fashion trend that is going to take my summer clothes through Autumn. It’s the seriously adorable PINAFORE. I figure I can pretty much team any of my summer tops with this denim dress, and then switch to my longer tops as the weather cools. Perfect. See how I’m … Read More

A history of my periods…

my medicine

If medical stuff isn’t your thing…look away now. If it is, then get comfy with a cuppa and settle in. I got my first period pretty early. I think I was 11 from memory. It was before a lot of my friends, same with getting my boobs, which also burst onto the scene in primary school, to my extreme embarrassment! … Read More

A letter to my stepson…

Beau and Hayden

Written by Sarah Patterson Dear Beau, I’m sure you remember the day we met. It’s pretty hard to forget. Someone (let’s blame your dad) decided the best way for you and I to get acquainted was for the three of us to see a movie together. There I was: sweating buckets, on the verge on an anxiety attack. There you … Read More