Why I blog…

useful blogging

There’s been some talk of late about blogging and it’s useful or uselessness. I have always felt, for the majority of the time my writing falls into the latter category and I’m ok with that. Why? Because most of the time I’m writing for me. This blog started out the year I gave birth to my first son Angus. It … Read More

Chicken and Lemon Tagine


Now that the weather is starting to cool, I’m always looking for yummy and hearty recipes to keep us going. I came across this Julie Goodwin ripper through a fellow blog The Motherload which I of course highly recommend! It had all of the kind of ingredients our family loves and looked easy so I whipped it up that night. … Read More

Sensitive and proud of it!


Today a stranger made a comment to me about my son, and I wanted to slap her. I know, that’s a pretty extreme reaction, right? But when someone passes judgement on any child of mine, it’s never ok. So you’re probably wondering what she said to illicit such a reaction from me? Well let me set the scene. We were … Read More

Things I HATE about motherhood

LEGO! Evil stuff!

Ok, I’ll admit HATE is a little bit of an exaggeration. REALLY, REALLY DISLIKE might be more accurate. But let’s be honest, it comes with the territory, when you’re doing a job that never really clocks off, there are going to be things that really tick you off. I got thinking about it after going to watch Em Rusciano at … Read More

8 tips for making my life easier!

folding the washing

I’m all about mum-hacks and just life-hacks in general. Who doesn’t want a short cut if one can be taken? The answer is we all would like to simplify and de-stress our lives, right? (If you answered no then feel free to browse the rest of the site while we blab on a bit here, kay?) So I’m here today … Read More

Over touched and overwhelmed


Confession time. I’m all touched out. I’m annoyed. Agitated. Over it. At any given time I have at least one child on top of me, hanging off me, jumping on me. There is literally not a moment where I’m untouched. And it’s been five years in the making! Eddie is night waking again and Gus has had two weeks of … Read More