3 fun ways to announce your baby news!

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You’re in the warm glow of new pregnancy and you want to scream your news from the rooftops. Why wouldn’t you and why shouldn’t you? It’s something to be proud and extremely happy about.

But sometimes screaming doesn’t go down too well, so here are 5 alternatives for breaking your baby news…

1. If it’s your first baby you can go totally self indulgent and invest in your own private photo shoot. I love this pic and think it’s a really cute idea and a lovely moment to catch between a couple…

bump ahead

2. So this is baby number 2? Well that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big deal! Get your little one a ‘big bro’ or ‘big sis’ t-shirt and pop it on at a family/friends get together, and it won’t take long for them to click!

big bro

3. You really can’t go wrong with food! This sweet idea is fun and yummy, the perfect combination!

preg announcement

How did you break the news to friends and family? x

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