30 weeks down…

30 weeks pregnant
Darling Rascals

So here I am. 30 weeks pregnant. Where on earth did the year go?

I remember finding out I was pregnant and sharing the news with you all at 13 weeks, and now suddenly here we are, well and truly into the final trimester and dare I say it, onto the home stretch!

I had thought this pregnancy would by far be my hardest, being my fourth and still having all three boys at home with me 90 per cent of the time, but I was wrong.

I’m not going to sugar coat it of course, but I’m feeling pretty good, especially since the big house move.

It could also be that there really haven’t been too many surprises this pregnancy.

My old friend, the vulval varicose vein is still ever present and I’m guessing it’ll make itself well and truly known once summer hits.

When I was pregnant with Billy I made the mistake of looking at it with a mirror. Oh. My. God. Never, ever, ever will I do that again. It was horrifying. But the good thing is, this time I know that once I deliver this baby, it will go.

Speaking of veins, my legs have become road maps of the very professional kind. Spider veins run up and down them, pooling behind my knees.

#nofilterneeded because #letskeepitrealladies

#nofilterneeded because #letskeepitrealladies

Natural Saffie

Again, it’s less shocking this pregnancy because I know post-birth they will fade.

I also figure it’s a trade off. I basically have escaped all pregnancies with very minimal stretch marks. So if this is the price I pay, then so be it.

Tiredness is ongoing and I have bursts of energy (thanks to coffee and chocolate) throughout the day, but come bedtime, as in the kid’s bedtime, I am over it, and find myself getting so annoyed with their regular antics.

I send myself to the bath to soak most nights and let my husband deal with the “I’m hungry/thirsty/bored/not tired/too tired to sleep/itchy/hot/cold/have sore eyes” dramas. But if you read my blog earlier this week you’d know the kids have also been playing up a lot throughout the night. Especially Eddie who has also taken to asking me, daily, “why do you keep having babies, mumma?” Somehow I think he’s not as excited about this newest addition as his older brother.

Speaking of Gus, boy has he been a total delight through this pregnancy. Checking in with me and what my energy levels are like, “what per cent are you today, mumma?” He also loves watching the weekly videos of what the baby is up to and kisses my belly every night. He has also started telling me I look pretty. I don’t know where he learned this, but I like it!

I’m down to fortnightly appointments with my OB who has dubbed me her easiest patient. I think that’s basically because I use her visits as some kind of social catch up and frankly given this is pregnancy number four, the majority of my questions and concerns have been answered before.

So that’s me, 30 weeks down. 10 to go! Eekkkkkkkkkkk!!

Shocked that this is what I look like....and making peace with it!

Shocked that this is what I look like….and making peace with it!

Are you pregnant too? How are you feeling?

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