5 parenting quotes that’ll have you nodding

murphys law
Darling Rascals

I love a good parenting quote…who doesn’t right?! These ones in particular struck a cord with me…what would make your list?

1. Who hasn’t boasted about their 12 hour sleeping, all food eating, piano playing child, only to blame Murphy’s Law when it all turns to pot? 

murphys law


2. You are so much more relaxed with your second child, right? I can only imagine what life with the third is like. 

third child


3. My house is never clean, unless someone is coming over, then it’s only clean for about 30 seconds after that!

clean house


4. I will never use the quote “sleeping like a baby” ever, ever, again. 

sleeping baby


5. Unwanted advice and parenthood seems to go hand in hand. 

mother in law

This article was originally published at www.bayfm.com.au and has been republished here with full permission.

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