5 things I’ve changed since number 4!

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Darling Rascals

it’s been three whole months since our beautiful fourth bundle came bouncing into our world, making it entirely richer. Three months of life drastically changing, expanding, adapting, every single day. I’d like to say I’ve handled it all in my stride, but that would be a bold face lie. Some days have been extremely tough, others less so. But each has been a lesson learning experience.

So, I bet you’re wondering…what exactly have I learnt with the introduction of baby number 4, that I didn’t already know?

Well, wonder no longer. Here are the 5 things I’ve embraced, changed, added or subtracted to our lives, to make it just that little more survivable.


The routine is fluid.

That’s right my friends, the routine can be changed, weekly, daily, hourly. The routine has to be adaptable for the sake of my sanity. Some days bath time will be the minute we walk in the door from school/kinder pick up. Some days it won’t happen at all. And that’s ok. No one ever died from having their bath, or dinner, a little earlier or later than usual (to my knowledge, don’t quote me or inform me otherwise)!


Dinner is not to be critiqued.

Some nights you might get a vegetarian lasagna, lovingly layered with homemade béchamel sauce. Other days its 2 minute noodles with a side of toast. No one is allowed to complain, whinge, moan, that it’s not up to usual standards. We are in survival mode people!


Outfits are not fit for a runway.

The four year old wants to wear his batman cape with his pj pants and his gumboots to kinder. No worries. The two year old wants to wear the onesie he once wore as a baby but now only fits one of his legs. You betcha. You have a pair of pyjama pants that could seriously be mistaken for stylish track pants. Abso-bloody-lutely. There are no fashion rules or mistakes anymore. The fact you and your children have clothing on is amazing, that you’ve gotten all of you out of the house, and in said clothing, is a god damn bloody miracle that should be applauded!!

Natural Saffie


The overflowing washing basket is a wardrobe.

The clothes are clean. They’re dry. They’re semi folded. You can shop the basket like it’s your favourite store. Ain’t no mumma got time for putting that stuff in drawers.


Use thy eldest child as another parent.

The six year old is totally capable of fetching clean nappies, disposing of dirty ones, using the dust buster, making sandwiches, wiping the faces of your other offspring, entertaining the baby in the bouncer while you dash to the loo to pee at record speed. The list goes on. Don’t worry that one day they’ll grow up resenting the fact they were given too much responsibility, focus on the fact you are training them to be the best future parent ever!

So, that’s my list

and now I would love to know, how or what did you change as your family expanded?

Erin xx

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