A new year to focus on me!

Darling Rascals

There was something different about my most recent New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t like we had some big glamorous party to go to. It wasn’t even like I anticipated that I would make it to midnight.

But it was the first time in around 5 years, that I wasn’t pregnant or breastfeeding.

I’m not exaggerating!

For the last five years I have been a baby-making/growing/feeding machine.

Our children are all 21 months apart, which means that I feel pregnant with them just shy of the last child’s first birthday.

My body has not had a break.

But since I weaned my beautiful Billy nearly three months ago my body has suddenly become my own again.

Don’t get me wrong, my hip is still loaded up with a babe and my tummy is generally used as a makeshift trampoline for my older two, but no one is reliant on my body to nourish them, or keep them alive, other than myself.

Natural Saffie

And it’s a really weird feeling.

But it is one I am getting used to.

I’m exercising again. Like going to the actual gym. I’m eating well. I’m listening to my body and nourishing my mind.

As much as you can with three small children around!

So 2016 will be the year of looking after and finding the new me.

What will you do for yourself this year?

E xx

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