Darling Rascals

erin giansiracusa bioHi! I’m Erin Giansiracusa and I’m the creator of this site. My background is in journalism and my pre-baby life saw me reading the news for the Hamish and Andy show, nationally on the Austereo network.

Fast forward to now and my life revolves around my pre-schooler Gus, toddler Eddie and baby Billy.

As a new mum I found so much support from my own mother’s group, but along the way I have learnt not everyone has the same experience.

That wasn’t fair in my eyes, so I thought, what better way to support all of the mums out there, than to create our very own online “mum’s group”!

Natural Saffie

That’s exactly what this site is designed for. A place to come and get support, advice, have a laugh and maybe even make a new friend.

Motherhood is a joyous job, but can also be incredibly lonely, so I hope The Mum’s Group becomes your new BFF.

Enjoy, share, and be kind, we are all going through this together, and judgement is one extra thing we don’t need to worry about!

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