To Angus on your 6th birthday

Happy birthday Gus
Darling Rascals

To my dearest Gussy,

I’m going to start this year’s letter straight off the bat by telling you I’m so incredibly proud of you.

Six years old. Six whole years we have been lucky enough to have you in our lives.

It’s a big milestone.

Why, you might be wondering? It’s not 18 or 21. But six. How could it be so special?

This is how.

Not many people will know this, but you have worked incredibly hard in your six short years on this planet. Things haven’t always come easy to you, there have been health issues, speech issues, but instead of giving up you have fought. So very hard, to not only catch up, but completely excel.

It was your birthday party at the weekend and I couldn’t help but get emotional when I spoke of how much you have not only overcome but achieved.

Surrounded by friends and family who love you so much.

Surrounded by friends and family who love you so much.

You impress me each and every single day.

You are kind, and funny and incredibly smart. Smarter than me that’s for sure.

You have a photographic memory which I’m sure one day will come in handy, right now it means I can get nothing by you. Ever.

Natural Saffie

You love your friends and family with such a passion. Right now you are sleeping with the birthday card given to you by your best kinder friend, because it is so special to you. Any friend of yours, will always be a lucky one.

You so desperately want to make people happy, but especially me and your dad. If I am sad, you are worried, and that sensitivity is the most beautiful quality.

You have a thirst for knowledge and seek out challenges. You’re already reading to your brothers, and love learning new words.

You are football mad. In fact, scrap that, sports mad. Give you a ball or a bat or a racket and you are right at home. Your favourite game is kick to kick or to commentate an entire game of footy, while you run around the yard kicking the ball.

You’re dad is pretty chuffed about that one.

You adore your little brothers, and although there are times you fight, you ultimately care so much about their wellbeing, and they look up to you as their ultimate hero.

Next year you will venture off to school and you are so very ready. You are confident without being cocky, you are eager, you are strong.

Me on the other hand. Well that’s a story for another time.

You will always hold a special piece of my heart, my dear Gussy, because you are the one who taught me how to be a mum. You made me, and I continue to learn from you each and every day.

And so today, on your sixth birthday, I want to say, one more thing, and that is, to know you, is to love you. There is no other option. And I just know that the whole world, which is waiting at your fingertips, will wholeheartedly agree.

Happy birthday my beautiful first born.

Love always, mum xxx

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