To Angus on your 7th birthday

Darling Rascals

Dear Angus, what a year you’ve had!

At the beginning of this year you nervously walked into school, a shy, anxious boy, and now I look at you and see confidence, enthusiasm and utter joy!

Since turning 6 you became a big brother again, and almost instantly besotted with your first baby sister! You were named SRC captain. You went from reading singular words, to chapter books (and are now even practicing your reading voice so it sounds “interesting”)!

You love sport, any sport, but football is your passion. You know the stats of most hawks games, and love watching your favourite team with your dad.

Speaking of which, your dad is your hero. You had been a mummy’s boy up until fairly recently but now there’s only one person you worship and that’s daddy! You know what, I get it, he’s pretty amazing and you have a great role model there.

You have a beautiful group of mates at school, who all seem to like you as much as you like them which is half the battle in life if you ask me!

Natural Saffie

You are a caring and kind big brother, most of the time!! You love wrestling with your little brothers and cuddling Livvy.

You make us smile everyday. You are sweet, empathetic, so very smart, and funny.

Life with you is the kind of life I always want to live.

Happy 7th birthday beautiful boy.

You are our sunshine and we love you so much!!!

Love mum xx

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