Beautiful baby bibs

etsy scarf
Darling Rascals

Babies have bibs for such a long time it seems…from the start of teething right through solids, and beyond. So why not invest in some cute options…that will add to an outfit?!

1) Etsy dribble scarf…have you EVER seen anything cuter? I think not! Love the little moustache print too! $14

etsy scarf

2. Bubbleslane dribble bibs! So many funky prints…at such a reasonable price too! $31.95 for a pack of 4.

dribble bibs

3. Cotton on. The width of these bibs is the bomb! Plus the terry towling backing gives an extra layer of protection…you can’t go wrong! $12.95

cotton on bib

Natural Saffie

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