Beautiful moments in busy days

Darling Rascals


Sometimes I worry I complain a lot about the strains of parenting two boys. I’m not denying it’s bloody hard, but amongst these trying times comes moments of absolute bliss.

It could be Eddie lifting my top up and saying “fairies?” while pointing at my growing belly.

It could be Gus saying “I love you mum” completely out of no where and unprompted.

It could be the boys having a giggle about something on their own in another room, a private joke that I will never get.

It could be the sheer joy and vibrations that shudder through their bodies when they hear the key turn in the door and they know it’s their dad.

It could be a shy smile, or the way Eddie copies me when I say “good morning” to passers by.

It could be walking passed Gus’ room and hearing him sing “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

It’s all of those things and more.

Last night it was a post dinner swim at the beach which happens to be a couple of blocks from our home. The boys crashed into the water and rolled around in the sand. They ran, and jump and collected shells. They were so happy. 

And so were we. 

These are the moments we will remember as our parenting journey continues. It won’t be the sleepless nights, or the tantrums, or the stand-offs over the fact pj’s can’t be worn to kinder.

I need to remember the important things, because they are so very beautiful.

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