Before I was a mum, I was a….

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Supermodel! What? You don’t believe me? Well good, you shouldn’t.

I was about as far from that as possible. I was a journalist, and more specifically, a radio newsreader.

It’s a question I rarely get asked nowadays, which is weird, because before I was a mum, it was most definitely one of the things I was asked about the most.

It was the kind of job that certainly had most people very intrigued.

So I thought I’d take a little trip down memory lane, incase it intrigued you too? And of course if it doesn’t then please feel free to browse the rest of the site for something else that might!

It all began way back at the ripe age of 21. I was studying journalism while working part time as a receptionist for a radio station in Melbourne, called Nova 100. It was a great gig. It allowed me the freedom to focus on study whilst also dipping my toe into the media industry.

On the days I didn’t have to rush out the door to uni, I would venture into the station’s newsroom and watch in absolute awe, as the journalists (the like’s of Carrie Bickmore at the time) would do their thing. It was fabulous. And I knew I wanted in.

Not long after speaking with the news director about my plans, she suggested I enrol in a specialised radio presenting course, which I jumped at.

On the first day of the course I was told two things. If you want to work in radio, be prepared to earn a very measly income (in other words, you’re doing it for love not money). The second was, you will go where the jobs are (in other words, be prepared to move wherever a god damn job offer takes you.)

I nodded to both, in somewhat disbelief. Disbelief that I’d ever have to move. Disbelief that I wouldn’t one day make the big bucks. God, I was so unbelievably naive.

A year later I found myself in Albury, New South Wales. My first job. 3.5 hours away from home. I had made the move for less money than I was getting paid in my reception job. I had left my family and boyfriend (who is now my husband) to work the breakfast shift in a regional centre. I had no idea what I was in for.

It was one of the most tumultuous years of my life. I was in too deep and I sunk more than once. But there were moments of paddling and even some swimming. Enough to land me my next gig, in Adelaide. 8 hours from home, my family and my boyfriend.

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t last long there. I’d been away from home for nearly two years by that point and earning barely enough money to afford the odd flight back to see everyone I cared about, I took a chance and quit my job to move home to Melbourne.

Within a week I had freakishly landed myself a casual job at another top rating radio station called Fox Fm, writing sport and filler stories for the breakfast journalists.

Natural Saffie

It was a whirlwind pace and so different to everything I’d experienced in country/regional radio, but I held on tight, knowing I’d worked hard to get to this point and I wasn’t about to let go.

One weekend I got the green light to go on air and read the morning bulletins. I remember, to this day, the nerves I felt as I sat before the microphone. Lump in my throat. Rocks in my stomach. Tremble in my voice. But I got through it.

It became my regular shift and as the months went on, my confidence grew. It might have had something to do with the amazing team I was working with on and off air.

A little duo by the name of Hamish and Andy. They were starting out in the business too and took me under their wings.

Around six months into the weekend reading role, I was called into the big boss’ office. His words, still are so clear in my mind.

“Hamish and Andy are moving into the drive shift…they want you to join them as their newsreader.”

And I did. For 5 glorious years. It was a barrel of laughs and jokes and fun. It was everything I could ever have hoped for.

They embraced me and supported me like I was part of their family, and I felt so lucky to have that experience.

You hear so many horror stories about industries such as radio, but I can honestly say, for the most part, mine was a pure daydream.

There are some days I miss the thrill of reading a bulletin live to air. Or breaking news as soon as it happens. But the truth is I’ve found a better job. Mum to my beautiful boys.

I’ll be proud to tell them about my life before I was a mum. But to them, right now, I am their mumma, their cuddle machine, their cook, their bottom wiper, and their friend.

So there you have it…my career, before I was a mum. I should add that every single photo I have is from the social side of “work” and no photos of me actually reading the news!

Would you care to share? I’d love to hear about yours xx

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