Being Nana

being nana
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being nana

How my life has changed by becoming a grandmother.



  1. Every First…I mean every single milestone my children went through …first cry, first smile, first tooth, first taste of solid food, first steps, first words are brought back to me with my two grandsons achievements.
  2. I am so excited to tell people I am now a grandmother. Who would have thought I’d be happy to let everyone know how old I am.
  3. When the baby wakes up from his sleep I can’t wait to go into his room to be the one who rescues him and watch the cries turn into giggles.
  4. When the toddler wants to read “Goodnight Moon” for the twentieth time that day or sing “The Wheels on the Bus” I’m happy to oblige
  5. I am amazed by my daughter. She is patient and understanding, finding joy in the little things even when she is existing on so little sleep.
  6. I am amazed by my son-in-law and the way he supports my daughter and shares the load.
  7. I worry about everyone.I worry that my daughter is stressed, that one or both boys are sick, challenging or going through a growth spurt or all three. I don’t remember ever being worried when I was first a mother. Is it that I now know more about what can go wrong?
  8. I want to fix everything. When my daughter rings for advice I go first to my own experience as a mother and then consult Dr. Google so that I can fix any problem from teething to colic from nappy rash to fussy eaters!
  9. Babysitting is like a night out!
  10. My life is full and busy but the best bits are the times I spend with my grandsons.
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