To Billy on your 3rd birthday

Darling Rascals

Dear Billy boy

How is it that you are three? Like when and how did that actually happen? It feels like yesterday that you came screaming into the world with rapid speed, but at the same time it feels like you’ve always been here.

Since your last birthday you have become a big brother. A huge adjustment. We had a rocky few months, where I know you felt displaced but you have surfaced smiling and it’s so amazing to see you take on this new role.

You are my shy bunny. In your words “I don’t like people.” But you do. You just get a little scared of them. Recently you’ve become so brave, trying new things and pushing out of your comfort zone. I know how tough this is, because I too was painfully shy, and I am so very proud of you.

Your moods swing like a…swing! One minute you love me and I’m your best friend, the next you hate me. It’s tough being three, it’s frustrating and confusing, not being a baby anymore but not yet being a big boy. Cuddles help. And whenever you’re feeling like it’s too much I know that you know you can turn to me for comfort. I hope you always know that.

You wake up singing. You love a cheeky dance. You’re kind and generous and such a sweetheart.

Natural Saffie

You love your brothers and sister so much and have a particular soft spot for Eddie who you idolise, sometimes a little too blindly! Your favourite thing to say to me when you’re angry is “I’ll take all your Mother’s Day presents away” because you once heard those words from your big bro! While they might teach you naughty words and sweet talk you into fetching them another biscuit, they utterly adore you!

And well, dear Billy, the truth is we all do. Everyone who mets you, adores you. You are the perfect combination of cheeky and coy. Rough yet soft. Fiery yet gentle.

You are one of a kind, beautiful boy and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you.

Happy 3rd birthday Billy Anton, we love you so very much!

Love mum xxx

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