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I was never that into photography until I became a mum, then suddenly every single outing became an opportunity to seize the perfect shot. It’s hard work though, and something that I am always looking to improve on.


So, The Mums Group caught up with the very lovely Hayley Farrugia from Creative Vue Photography for some inside info on capturing those special moments…


Welcome to The Mums Group Hayley! How did you get into photography?


Photography has always been just a hobby. I originally began photography back at school and I always had a passion for it, however, I never thought of it at the time as a career. 


In 2010/2011 I started doing portraits and weddings for friends and family just for fun and before I knew it I had so many jobs lined up that I had to register as a business and do some advanced photography courses to keep up with the demand.


What sort of photography do you specialise in?


I specialise in Portraits (Family, Kids & Couples) and Weddings/Engagements.

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What are some nice ideas for a session when it comes to documenting kids and families?


Personally I love photos where kids are playing with things like bubbles, autumn leaves outside, glitter or even just dressed up like fairies or super heroes.


What are your top tips for taking memorable photos of children?


I like to spend at least half an hour with the kids when I arrive before even taking a photograph. My niece knows me as the “Crazy Aunty” and I am great with kids. I definitely know how to have some fun. Once the kids are comfortable with me I’ll take a few “silly/crazy photos”. I always like to let the kids see each photo that I take as it will keep them interested and they become feel like they’re really contributing. This will also bring out the all of the giggles and the smiles that you’ll want to capture in a memorable photograph.

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How can people book a session with you?


You can contact me anytime on my mobile 0425724420, email or through my


Special just for The Mums Group followers – $150 Mini Sessions* 

Booking Code: “THEMUMSGROUP” 

Must be booked for 2015 and by Friday 29th June 2015.


(*$150 Mini session can be used for individual or Family portraits)


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