How do I help my toddler to sleep in?

My 2.5 year old boy has been waking anywhere between 5.15-5.40am and he is buzzing ready to start the day. It seems his brain wont let him sleep longer and we wake to ‘Mummy, Daddy I awake’ very loudly every morning. We close the door but he never goes back to sleep. His language is developing very fast and when … Read More

To dream feed or not to dream feed?

Would love peoples thoughts on dream feeding. It worked for my first child but not my second and now I’m contemplating it with my third who is 3 months old and waking roughly once a night for a feed. Did it work for you? Xx

Is my 2 year old ready for toilet training?

My toddler has recently started taking his nappy off all of the time! It’s resulting in a lot of mess and frustration on my end! Does this mean he’s ready for toilet training or is it just an attention seeking measure? X

My toddler has started night waking

My 23 month old has started night waking again. We recently welcomed our third child but I don’t think it’s the new baby that’s waking him. Any tips on how to put a stop to this? I’m already exhausted enough getting up for my 8 week old! TIA x

How to move two kids into one room?

Help! I’m about to have my third child and we live in a three bedroom house which means our two eldest children need to move into the one room. Does anyone have any tips for making it a smooth transition? I’ll have one in a cot and the other in a bed. Thanking you in advance! X

Was this mother too overprotective?

A mum and her daughter met up with a friend for a picnic lunch at a park. The mum had packed a peanut butter sandwich for her daughter. At the park another mum was chatting to the daughter about what she was having for lunch so the girl showed her the sandwich. The mother then copped a serve about how … Read More

My 19 month old won’t sleep past 5am!

My toddler has always been an early riser but recently has taken it to new extremes by waking at 5am or earlier. I thought it could be teeth related but it’s gone on too long for that now! He currently sleeps 12pm-1.30pm (most days) and goes to bed at 6.30pm. Can anyone shed some light? X

Brushing teeth

My 18 month old who nearly has all of his teeth, refuses to let me brush them. He cries and screams every time! Has anyone got any tips on how I can encourage him to enjoy or at least tolerate brushing?

Help I’ve got a biter!

Anyone have any tips on stopping a biter?? My little girl has taken up the habit in the last month, and her poor brother is covered in teeth marks. We’re constantly doing time outs and explaining it hurts etc but as soon as she’s not getting her way, the fangs come out!

Wine while breast feeding?

Wine while breastfeeding. How do we feel about it? I have been having one (sometimes 2) glasses of wine per night for the last couple of weeks. My baby is 13 weeks old and I cannot see that it has any effect on the baby or on my milk supply and let down reflex. Interested to hear from others?