To dream feed or not to dream feed?

Would love peoples thoughts on dream feeding. It worked for my first child but not my second and now I’m contemplating it with my third who is 3 months old and waking roughly once a night for a feed. Did it work for you? Xx

Help I’ve got a biter!

Anyone have any tips on stopping a biter?? My little girl has taken up the habit in the last month, and her poor brother is covered in teeth marks. We’re constantly doing time outs and explaining it hurts etc but as soon as she’s not getting her way, the fangs come out!

Wine while breast feeding?

Wine while breastfeeding. How do we feel about it? I have been having one (sometimes 2) glasses of wine per night for the last couple of weeks. My baby is 13 weeks old and I cannot see that it has any effect on the baby or on my milk supply and let down reflex. Interested to hear from others?

Is my baby ready to drop a sleep?

My one year old has recently started fighting his second sleep of the day, taking ages to go down and then only sleeping for 20-30 minutes. Is he ready to drop a sleep and if yes, when do I put him down for his one sleep of the day? Thanks in advance!

I need help with mix feeding

Hi, just wanted some advice from other mum’s… I have a 6 week old and am breast feeding. Was wondering how other mum’s went with mix feeding. And how their babies responded to the change… I want to gain a tiny bit of independence back and get back into the gym but its hard whilst breast feeding full time.

How do I deal with separation anxiety?

ask a mum

  Help mums! My 8 month old has just hit the separation anxiety stage and it is awful! I literally can’t leave his line of sight without him crying and he won’t even go to his dad (I have finger marks in my skin to prove just how tightly he’s holding on!) Has anyone got any tips on how to … Read More

How to clear a stuffy nose?

ask a mum

Do you have any suggestions to clear a bub’s snotty nose? The nose isn’t bothering him or keeping him awake although I do have his mattress propped up in case.  Have tried fess to try and make him sneeze to no avail, it just seems to clog him up with additional fluid. I don’t want to use the fess suction … Read More

I need help sleeping through!

ask a mum

I need help sleeping through! We have introduced dream feeding to our nearly 9 month old little boy to get him to sleep through the night (tried them in the past and it did not end well for mum or bub), so he is now sleeping through till 6am (would love that to be 7 but oh well) the problem … Read More

Is my baby constipated?

ask a mum

My five month old just started solids and the last week she has only been having tiny bowel movements that are very hard and sticky. Does this means she’s constipated? She’s otherwise breast fed.

To swaddle or not to swaddle?

ask a mum

Hi mums, I’m wondering about your thoughts on swaddling? My little girl seems to fight it, and I spend more time re-swaddling when she wakes up because she’s broken out of it. She’s two months old and I’m considering ditching the swaddle, but I’m not sure if it’s too early. Would love your thoughts/tips please!