Toilet training regression

My daughter has been toilet trained for about 3 months (as in no accidents for that long) but recently she’s started refusing to sit on the toilet and she’s wetting/pooing her pants. I don’t know what to do, and certainly don’t want to put her back into nappies. Can anyone help?

My 3 year old has started night waking

My 3 year old has been a great sleeper since he was 9 months old, going down 6.30pm-6am, but for the last 2 months he’s been waking at night. He wakes crying for a cuddle or because he’s kicked his blankets off. It only takes about a minute to resettle him but then I’m up for at least 30 mins … Read More

Nappy rash remedies?

Hi, hoping you can help. My toddler gets awful nappy rash especially when he’s teething. What does everyone recommend when it comes to soothing it? Thanks in advance!

How do I begin the toilet training process

Hi, My nearly 3 year old is giving me plenty of signs that he is ready to be toilet trained. He takes his own nappy off all of the time, and is interested in sitting on the toilet and potty. So what do I do next? Do incentives work? Thanking you in advance!

Transitioning to a big bed

We transitioned our almost three year old into a toddler bed about 8 weeks ago. Everything was fine for the first two weeks until he figured out he could get out of bed! The only way to get him to stay in bed and fall asleep now, is for one of us to lie next to him, sometimes up to … Read More

Is my child over-heating?

ask a mum

My 15 month old toddler keeps turning 180 degrees during the night, but never during his day sleep. We thought he might be over heating in his sleeping bag so last night we did blankets and no bag. He woke at 6am freezing as he had kicked off the blankets . Not sure what to do as he cant stay … Read More

Help, how do I discipline my toddler?

My 2.5 year old is lashing out every time things don’t go his way, throwing whatever it is he has in his hands at the time. He screams and carries on for ages! How should I discipline him?

I need help with organisation!

ask a mum

Hey Mums- I need some advice about keeping organised. This has never been easy for me. I need simple and quick solutions, my life is hectic. I run a small business – have one extremely well organised employee who puts me to shame. My husband is FIFO so that means I am a single Mum for most of the month. … Read More

How do I keep my little-one’s skin soft

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Hello, I have a few skin questions. With this turn in season I’m already noticing my toddler and 6mth old’s skin getting dry and cracked. I use QV wash in the bath and short of moisturising their faces all the time, do you have any tips? Second question is for my baby. He’s got quite chaffed skin on his chin … Read More

My son wakes up crying

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  Hi mums, I have a question for you. My toddler wakes up from his lunchtime nap crying most days and it seems to take him ages to calm down and cheer up. He’s usually down for around 90 minutes. It’s awful that he seems so miserable and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to fix the problem? … Read More