Chicken and Cheese Cannelloni


This week’s Friday Night Dinner comes from Sarah Patterson. It’s kid and adult friendly, easy and very, very tasty! INGREDIENTS 500 g jar pasta sauce (I use Picasso Foods Primavera vegetable pasta sauce, from the supermarket) 2 teaspoons crushed garlic (straight from a tube is perfectly fine) 300 g chicken mince ¼ teaspoon chicken stock powder 250 g tub smooth … Read More

Microwave chicken risotto


  This delicious recipe comes from the lovely Ailia Murray, and is very easy to make especially when you have a screaming toddler and a baby who needs to be fed (aka, the story of my life!) INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons olive oil40g butter1 medium onion, finely chopped1 cup Arborio rice750ml chicken or vegetable stock1 cup frozen peas½ cup finely grated … Read More

Desperate and Dieting

choc cake

Diet starts today! Will pledge to write down everything food/exercise related to reveal the truth behind my enormous behind. 6:30 Wake. Change nappies, feed baby, express milk for rice cereal, feed toddler porridge, clean porridge off of television.7:15 Breakfast of black coffee, two rye toast with small scrape of butter and a feathering of jam.7:16 Add milk to coffee, I … Read More

Roast Lamb Dinner

roast lamb

SLOW ROASTED LEG OF LAMB This has to be the easiest roast recipe ever!   INGREDIENTS Grab yourself a two kilo leg of lamb, some rosemary, garlic and olive oil Pick an assortment of vegies that you like, I did potato and pumpkin.   METHOD Preheat fan-forced oven to 170 degrees Cover the base of a baking tray with olive … Read More

Wetting yourself is not cool!

The most exercise I've done lately-burp Eddie

 Every muscle in my body hurts, even to type these words, and I blame one person, my obstetrician! Around 6 weeks ago I had my post natel check up with my ob. It was all light hearted and giggles till she asked about my pelvic floors. The convo went something like this; Dr; “so how are your pelvic floors Erin? … Read More

Friday Night Dinners

chicken and leek pie

Welcome to the first Friday Night Dinner recipe. The idea is to give you some inspiration (I know I need it) to whip something easy up for the family. This beautiful pie was given to me (by one of my mother’s group friends) when I had my second son Eddie, and was absolutely delish, even after being frozen and re-heated, … Read More

I’ve wasted too much time worrying about the way I look

    The other day I, when I had a quiet moment , a thought popped into my mind (ironically, while reading Grazia, with Miranda Kerr in a swimsuit on the front cover) It was this, “I spend a lot of my time thinking about my body.” I estimated that throughout the day I would on average waste 10 minutes contemplating my … Read More

Hello lost and found…has anyone seen my boobs?

    Before I got pregnant, my breasts were pretty modest. I was a 12B. But they suited me. They fit into my clothes perfectly. But that all changed after I got knocked up. They started to grow at a very rapid rate. All of the sudden I was a 14C, then a 14D. I had no idea what to … Read More