Spring beauty trends


We caught up with the fabulous Bryony Gamble from Rogue Hair and Make-up to get our hands on Spring’s most beautiful trends….the best part is…they are perfect for mums with a relaxed vibe for the warmer seasons. I’m so relieved to find out that the balayage trend is still in! It means I can leave my roots for 6 months … Read More

Swimwear for all shapes

seafolly harlow

Since having babies, I fear my bikini days are gone, or at least a long way off. The good thing is I actually LOVE a one piece. I think they are really elegant and have come a long way in terms of style. So here are my must have’s for the pool or beach this Summer. SEAFOLLY Harlow One Piece … Read More

How to dress like Nina Proudman

boots nina

If you’re anything like me, you look forward to Offspring each week like it’s Christmas! Ok so I am on the extreme end of being a fan, but don’t judge me for it. I personally love the fashion worn by the beautiful Nina Proudman (aka Asher Keddie). Pregnant or otherwise, Nina knows how to dress. So I’ve used her for … Read More

The best of the kids sales!

summer blanket white

I was reading an article in the Herald Sun on the weekend about the online shopping boom of “kiddie couture.” Thanks to a strong Australian dollar, expanding ranges, more “mini me” offerings and perhaps most importantly the “Harper effect,” more Australian women are donning their kids in designer digs. I’ll admit, if I was a celeb with money to burn, … Read More

What would you like for Mother’s Day?


So Mother’s Day is this Sunday (that’s right fellas, you have ample warning) and last year was a bit of a fizzer for me. You see my husband assumed that he only had to make an effort on my first Mother’s Day (which I should add, he went all out for) so neglected to even get me a card for … Read More

A new twist on an old do


Are you sick of your boring old ponytail, but don’t have the time to spend styling your hair for an hour? Here are 3 fabulous new hairstyles to freshen up your look…and take no time at all! The Tousled Bun For a messy (but chic!) look, I suggest sticking with your natural texture and adding a texturizing spray (like tony … Read More

Feeding friendly fashion

topshop shirt

Fashion and breastfeeding don’t really go hand in hand. In fact, my style has been known to well and truly be sidelined while I breastfeed, with practicability taking over. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some of my favourites for Autumn, that will allow you to feed and look fashionable… Topshop checked shirt $49 (plus postage) Team … Read More

4 EASY steps to looking glam!

make up

Getting yourself ready is one of the hardest things I have ever come across as a mum, and that’s despite being a make up artist! But I’ve managed to narrow it down to 4 easy products and steps.. 1. Your best friend when you are a mum is a BB cream. For BB cream reviews go here http://roguehairmakeup.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/makeup-monday-bb-creams.html The trick … Read More

These boots are made for walking!

I have been searching for the perfect casual ankle boots for a looooong time, and after chatting with my friends it would seem that these illusive ankle boots are also haunting them. What’s so special about ankle boots anyway and why are they so damn hard to find? The ankle boot is a must for any woman’s wardrobe. It’s like … Read More

Print Mania

I read an online article recently written by a woman who believed that the women we were BC (before child) are dead. Sounds pretty harsh, but I’m completely with her. Sure there are elements of the old me that still exist, but the one thing I know that will never return is my old wardrobe! This is mostly because my … Read More