Confessions of a fashion addict

gorman shoe

I love shopping. Nothing unusual about that statement. But where I may differ to many women is that I crave The Gold. You know I’m actually not dissimilar to an Olympic athlete – I train hard, I put in the hours, I won’t settle for anything less than gold, and I look really good in lycra. One of those statements … Read More

Your new transitional wardrobe!

katies jeans

You’re not quite into your pre-baby wardrobe…but you’re so over your maternity clothes? I know the feeling! You also don’t want to spend a fortune on a heap of stuff that you’re not going to wear forever, right? Well I’ve put together a few must-haves that will get you through these transition weeks (or months, if you’re more like me!) … Read More

Baby friendly jewellery…it does exist!

owl pendant

I learnt fairly early on into motherhood that jewellery and babies just don’t mix! Necklaces get pulled, or chewed on, same goes for bracelets. But I was converted when i stumbled across this super cool brand called Jellystone Jewellery. The items are non-toxic and BPA free, as well as being very durable…and the icing on the cake is they look … Read More

Super sweet knits for baby


Is there anything sweeter than a handmade gift for a newborn baby? I think not! Not only are they personal, but they have been made with love especially for that special little person. BabyKnitsForEwe does just that…the creations are gorgeous…as is the creator…here’s a little bit about her! “Hi! My name is Amy and I’m the owner of BabyKnitsForEwe. I’m … Read More

How celebs do pregnancy

clare danes

When a celeb announces she’s up the duff my first thought is “I wonder what she’ll wear during her pregnancy?” I’m fascinated by how the a-listers dress protruding belly, because frankly I never seem to get it right while I’m pregnant! Three pregnancies I’m going to be keenly watching this year are Princess Kate, Nina Proudman on Offspring (ok I … Read More

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry


    I live by the motto if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, a lot, but especially when I’m pregnant. It might have something to do with the rapid weight gain, or the inability to fit into normal clothes anymore, the waddle, or the swollen feet. I can actually deal with most of those things on a day to day … Read More

Shopping for clothes has become mission impossible!

    Photo evidence of a sane shopping trip I love clothes. My overflowing wardrobe will back me up. It’s packed with dresses, tops, pants and shoes. Each hanger greedily has at least three items. It’s a mess, but I love it. Pre-Gus I adored shopping for clothes. It was absolutely one of my favourite past-times and I could easily … Read More

I’ve become someone who owns a good tracksuit

I popped my head into my old workplace today to see a few familiar faces, but before I left the house I thought, “hmm better pop the good tracksuit on, I’ll be seeing people who knew me pre-Angus.” What is wrong with this sentence? Or should I say what isn’t wrong with it?! You see I’ve become one of those mums, who … Read More

Why I’ll never buy a swimsuit online again

I have body dysmorphia. I must. It is the only valid excuse I can come up with for purchasing a size 10 Tigerlily swimsuit made to fit the body of a 12 year old boy.I had thought it was a brilliant idea. Buy online and forgo those hideous fluorescent lit change rooms that show up every flaw. Hmmmm, I didn’t … Read More

Bindi Irwin Grew Up

  We got a little exited this morning when we saw Bindi Irwin being interviewed on The Morning Show for her 14th birthday. So much so, we pulled out our iPhones and started snapping pictures of Bindi on the screen with her mum, Terri, and brother, Robert. Look, a teen who looks like a teen! See?