I’m really good at multi-tasking…just not at the right things!

    I’ve just put Angus down for a nap, and already I’ve tried on a bathing suit I ordered online (monumental disaster-will save that for another post) made myself a cup of tea, eaten half a piece of jelly slice (the rest is sitting next to me as I type-in case I need a surge of energy), called my … Read More

Don’t believe everything you hear about Mother’s Groups

I distinctly remember the moment before I walked into my very first mother’s group meeting. I felt like a nervous schoolgirl about to start her first day at school. Would anyone like me, would they judge me, would I be the only one with a messy ponytail? I’d heard horror stories about some groups ganging up on some women, or … Read More

When the milkbar is closed

    I never thought I would feel so emotional about stopping breastfeeding. I always believed I would be ready when the time came, to put the maternity bras away and rediscover my pre-feeding wardrobe, but it hasn’t been the case. Some of you may know my breastfeeding experience got off to a bumpy start, a jaundice baby who was … Read More

Parenthood is not a Huggies commercial…


My son weed on me today, all over me. It’s nothing new really, but the sad thing is I didn’t even bother changing my top this time. I even went and met my dad for coffee in said top, and told him, and he looked a tad disturbed. That’s how I roll now. I often look down at the brown … Read More

I miss me…

    I was watching an early episode of Love My Way, one of my favourite shows, the other day and it was not long after Julia and Charlie had Toby. Julia was standing in the kitchen, and with tears rolling down her face she asked Charlie “what do you miss about our life before Toby?” “I miss you,” he … Read More

I’m breaking up with my baby whisperer


  Dear Tizzie, It’s not me…it’s you… I’m going to say this right off the bat, I’m a fan of routine. I know that may not go down with some mums, but I need a routine to get me through the day. I like knowing that Angus will be in bed at 7pm, and he likes it too. Your book … Read More

There’s a dirty 5 letter word I want to talk about

And that word is GUILT! Motherhood brings with it a huge range of feelings, but that of guilt, is constant, so much so I could trick the naked eye into thinking I was catholic! It started fairly early on. I first felt guilty for not getting the hang of breastfeeding right away meaning Angus had top ups of formula, I … Read More

Things that change after having a baby

There are a lot of things that change once a little baby arrives in your world, things that you never even contemplated! Here’s my top 5… You no longer pick your outfit based on looks, the only thing that really counts is the accessibility to your boobs, and not for romantic reasons. Dresses get put on the back burner as … Read More

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….it just doesn’t feel like it!


I’m going to admit, right off the bat, I’m feeling a tad left out. It’s pathetic and embarrassing, but it’s the truth. This is the second Christmas that I’ve sat on the sidelines watching the festivities unfold before me. Last year I was heavily pregnant for my work Christmas party, so didn’t attend. On Christmas day, Angus was 2 weeks … Read More

It’s party season but not as I know it…

Around this time every year, I get giddy with excitement about what’s ahead. Christmas parties, drinks with friends, plenty of shenanigans to be had by all. I’m not going to lie, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. I dive into the party season head first. Bubbles are my kryptonite (see picture, and yes that is a pole I … Read More