Another chapter closes…but I’m grateful


As I stood choking back tears, watching my second born settle in to his first day of school, another mother looked at me and said, “at least you’ve still got two at home.” She’s not wrong. I do. But with each change, each chapter that ends, the dynamics of the house change forever. Never again will today be like tomorrow. … Read More

To Olivia on your FIRST birthday


To Olivia on your first birthday You will have to get used to mummy saying this, but boy it feels like yesterday that you were born. You undoubtedly gave us the BIGGEST surprise that day as we were not at all prepared to add a little lady to our boy band! But there you were. Our daughter. Our little girl. … Read More

It’s been one hell of a year!


Have you ever looked back on a period of time and thought “how the Fuck (sorry mum) did we survive that?” That’s this year. It has been both the hardest and best of our lives and yes that is totally possible. It turns out I completely underestimated how hard raising 4 kids under the age of 6, would be. It’s … Read More

Sugar and spice and all things nice!


“Girls are moody” “girls are bitchy” “girls are so much harder to read than boys” “girls are emotional ” “girls have attitude” “girls…who’d have em!” Yes I’ve heard each and everyone of these remarks since having my first daughter and it’s not only taken me by surprise but upset me so much. Never in my life have I heard such … Read More

To Billy on your 3rd birthday


Dear Billy boy How is it that you are three? Like when and how did that actually happen? It feels like yesterday that you came screaming into the world with rapid speed, but at the same time it feels like you’ve always been here. Since your last birthday you have become a big brother. A huge adjustment. We had a … Read More

My week of no yelling

me yelling

Recently I’d noticed I had been slipping into a very bad habit, one that just didn’t sit right with me. The habit I’m talking about is yelling. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that a healthy amount of yelling and parenting generally go hand in hand, but you know the saying that goes “I yell so loudly the next … Read More

How to prevent Mastitis-or at least try!


I’ve had mastitis four times throughout my breastfeeding journey. Four miserable, achy, horrible times. If you’ve never had it, then you are so very lucky, but if you have, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I describe it as being hit with a tonne of bricks. It sucks. After coming down with a second bout of mastitis … Read More

Crying it out


It’s been three months since I last cried. Three months. I’ve never ever gone this long without crying and it feels so wrong. For the last three months I would say I’ve been in survival mode. You know how adrenaline kicks in when you’re expected to fight or flight? That’s how I’ve been living of late. A newborn baby, sleep … Read More

The little one that wasn’t


There was a time where I was pregnant, and then I wasn’t. Just. Like. That. We’d been trying for you for three months. Three agonising months, because once you decide you’re ready, you don’t want to wait. I found out I was pregnant in the same week I was chosen to present a sports bulletin on a popular football TV … Read More

5 things I’ve changed since number 4!

erin and the kids

Well, it’s been three whole months since our beautiful fourth bundle came bouncing into our world, making it entirely richer. Three months of life drastically changing, expanding, adapting, every single day. I’d like to say I’ve handled it all in my stride, but that would be a bold face lie. Some days have been extremely tough, others less so. But … Read More