Cherishing those little moments

me and eddie
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me and eddie

Those who know me, know I’m not a huge fan of being pregnant. Crazy right, given I’m currently carrying my third child. You’d think I’d love it!

But no. For me, it’s a means to an end, and the end is pretty spectacular, let’s face it!

But given this will no doubt be my last pregnancy, I have been trying my hardest to cherish the moments often forgotten in the rush of real life.

Here are my favourite bits;

Watching my boy’s eyes light up as they place their little hands on my belly waiting to feel the kicks.

Hearing Gus ask to watch the “baby movie” (aka ultrasound) again.

Finally crashing on the couch after the drawn out bedtime drama of my two older children is complete and watching my tummy dance and hiccup.

Eating for two and not caring.

Catching a smile from a stranger who loves a pregnant woman’s belly.

Hearing my husband say how excited he is to meet our newest addition.

Playing the name game.

Playing the gender game.

Floating in a bubble bath and feeling weightless for a while.

Embracing stretchy fabric.

Getting foot rubs from my reluctant hubby.

And finally, anticipating that moment when I get to lock eyes with our bundle of joy. Nothing beats it.

So while the leg cramps, sciatica, heartburn, varicose veins, and insomnia totally suck…all of the good stuff, is pretty darn good, and I might even admit that I’ll miss it a little once it’s all over.

What did you LOVE about being pregnant??

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